Child care assistant/home-school teacher | Northeast Thailand

Empower pioneer missionaries through child care and home-school help. A two-month minimum commitment, up to one year, with open-ended start and end dates. Travel with the family, assist with homeschooling, and have a front-seat experience of a pioneering cross-cultural mission. Experience with caring for young children and previous cross-cultural experience preferred. Preferred deadline for applications is March 1 each year, but they are welcome at any time.


  • Provide child care for missionary children, ranging in age from 5-12. Assist with home-schooling and child care during weekdays.
  • Participate in the activities of a contextualized, indigenous house church movement in rural Thailand, as time and interest allow.
  • Learn Thai language and culture, along with cross-cultural engagement and missions in a Buddhist and animist context.
  • Likely live with a local host family and develop friendships with Thai young adults, with the opportunity to teach English as a second language.

All mission interns are engaged in Launch, EMM’s discipleship training course, before and during their internships. Phase one of Launch includes personal discipleship activities through online modules. For phase two of Launch, interns spend a week learning alongside their Launch cohort (a group of other interns preparing for service) before heading to their outreach locations. In phase three of Launch, interns continue to connect online with their Launch cohort as they join a long-term missionary in the country of service.


One to two hours away from the provincial capital, a small town with all necessary amenities, surrounded by paddy fields, rubber plantations, and rural villages. Hot weather year round, plentiful exotic fruits, and sticky rice. This part of Thailand is close to Laos and Cambodia, and has a cultural affinity with Laos. A Lao dialect is spoken in addition to Thai. It is the poorer area of Thailand, not frequented by tourists and with very minimal Christian presence. Thailand has a highly communal, collective culture. Life rhythms of Thai people center around Buddhism and animism. People are eager to befriend foreign visitors even though their worldview and life experience are often worlds apart.

Supervisors and colleagues

Supervised by Mark and Sarah Schoenhals and also accountable to the regional representative, this person would be fully integrated into the local EMM team currently consisting of two families. There will also be ample opportunity to learn to know and love the lively local believers and to be welcomed by the church, which has been part of the EMM family for over 20 years.

Skills and experience

This person needs to be spiritually and emotionally mature. They must be able to learn, adapt, and take initiative. This person must have a vision for serving in a supportive role. It is imperative that they clearly communicate and follow through with instructions. This person needs to enjoy caring for and being with children. Previous experience in a cross-cultural assignment, education, or working with children is preferred. This person needs to see the value of cultural sensitivity and be able to draw encouragement from the company of a wide range of people, local and expatriate. They must be able to work consistently in a hot climate without air conditioning, eat a variety of local foods, and be able to use a bicycle for distances of up to 5 miles as a means of transportation.