Urban ministry/teaching intern | Baltimore, Md., U.S.

Every EMM worker’s primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Join a local church community that seeks to be part of gospel transformation in southwest Baltimore. Serve through a variety of community ministries, including a small school run by the church. Learn principles of holistic urban ministry. Preferred deadline for applications is March 1 each year.

Regional vision
EMM will continue to work for spiritual renewal within the region, partnering with existing churches and networks as they engage in mission. We remain alert for opportunities to send short- and long-term workers to North American areas with unreached immigrant communities.


Upon arrival in Baltimore, join youth, community, or teaching ministries as they correspond with your gifts and passions. Jump in!

All mission interns are engaged in Launch, EMM’s discipleship training course, before and during their internships. Phase one of Launch includes personal discipleship activities through online modules. For phase two of Launch, interns spend a week learning alongside their Launch cohort (a group of other interns preparing for service) before heading to their outreach locations. In phase three of Launch, interns continue to connect online with their Launch cohort as they join a long-term missionary in the location of service.

This diverse Baltimore neighborhood consists primarily of African-American, Hispanic, and white populations. It is an urban working-class community that suffers from issues related to poverty and broken relationships. The religious environment is mostly secular, with representation from many religions. Baltimore is located in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., with hot, humid summers and cold winters.

Supervisors and colleagues
The urban ministry/teaching intern will work with Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church members, also interacting with people from the community. The intern will be supervised by Galen and Eboni Zook, with coaching from an EMM staff member. 

Skills and experience
High school diploma required. Interest in youth work is important. Applicants should have a desire to teach. They should have good interpersonal skills, with the ability to work within a community that can sometimes display conflict, criticism, and suspicion. Applicants must be willing to live in an urban setting, driving or using public transit to get around.