David and Grace Shenk
Legacy Endowment

Continuing a legacy of Christian-Muslim relations

Since 1963, David and Grace Shenk have worked together to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed. A signature focus of their ministry has been the work of Christian-Muslim relations. You’re invited to join David and Grace in continuing this legacy by becoming a founding partner in this endowment. 

The David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment exists to fund specific EMM projects dedicated to Christian-Muslim relations in the spirit of dialogue, peacemaking, hospitality, and witness. We are currently looking for founding partners to initiate a $500,000 fund, with a goal of returning an annual yield of $20,000 specifically for the critical work of Christian-Muslim relations. 

Learn more about this endowment by contacting Jonathan Bornman.

Ways to give to the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment

Write a check or have the bank write a check from an account for large amounts and make sure the check includes a memo for the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment.

Recurring automatic withdrawal from a bank account
Go to emm.org/autowithdrawal for instructions and a downloadable form, complete and return to Karen Hess.  

Transfer of appreciated securities to Eastern Mennonite Missions.
Provide this information to your investment or security firm:

Account Name: E.M.B.M.C.
Address: PO Box 8617, Lancaster, PA 17604-8617 US
Account No.: 807-96806
Federal Tax ID No.: 23-6005847
DTC (Depository Trust Corp) No.: 5198
Service Office: Merrill Lynch
110 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
Phone: 717 295-5601 or 800 937-090

After initiating the transfer, please contact Karen Hess at EMM notifying her of the transfer. Instruct Karen that the funds are to be used for the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment.

Recurring gifts via PayPal are also accepted but we do not recommend it as there are significant fees. The donor has an option to pay the fees. Use this link to give a recurring gift via Paypal. Be sure to select “Other” and indicate the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment.

Credit card
Use the online form at emm.org/giveBe sure to select “Other” and indicate the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment. EMM cannot accept credit card information over the phone.

There are many other ways to give from trusts, IRAs, or donor-advised funds. These often have tax benefits for the donor. Generally, giving from these types of funds requires the donor to contact the administrator (the bank or entity holding the funds/investments) of those funds/accounts and set up a payment/transfer/distribution to Eastern Mennonite Missions.  Name and address usually is what is needed. Be sure to indicate the David and Grace Shenk Legacy Endowment on the transfer/distribution check. If additional information is needed, contact Karen Hess

Eastern Mennonite Missions
PO Box 8617
Lancaster, PA 17604-8617