The CMRT seeks a student or professional 18 years or older with skills in one of the following areas:

  • Videography
  • Curriculum development
  • Storytelling/communications
  • Website development
  • Assisting in teaching events

The successful candidate could be an upper-level student in a degree program involving the skills above, with interest in Christian/Muslim relations, missions in a Muslim ministry context, or intention to be involved in long-term irenic ministry among Muslims.

Regional vision

In our disciple-making focus, our vision is to inspire movements to Jesus all over the world. Our aim is transformation, not mere information; discipleship, not mere religion. We long for all people to become fully committed followers of Jesus, but recognize that there are many expressions of the kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

In the institutions we oversee, the focus is on holistic, biblical ministry and service as best stewards the purposes of the institution, as well as being self-sustaining financially, generating income for other ministries.


Participate in the life of the CMRT in making disciples of Jesus, while serving in one of the following assignment options:

  1. Videography/editing
    CMRT seeks a videographer to film stories and create videos for use on our website, in training and equipping, and in curriculum development.• Create a collection of videos based on the life and experience of David and Grace Shenk, with particular focus on connecting with younger generations.
    • Add English subtitles to a series of videos on our website, candidates would have technical skills and training in media communication or film production, who can demonstrate (portfolio) previous experience of recording and editing to produce a short video.

  2. Curriculum development
    CMRT seeks a curriculum developer to take existing CMRT materials and transform them into short self-directed study courses. This might include the development of Sunday School materials for high school students or adults. It could also be the creation of online courses or forums for use in conjunction with existing materials. The successful candidate could be a bible or missions major with high-level ability to read, comprehend complex material, organize and produce a lesson.

  3. Storytelling/communications
    CMRT is looking for a storyteller to collect, write and share in multiple media formats (print, digital or video) stories from CMRT members. These stories could be used on CMRT and EMM website, for developing curriculum for churches, school and other communities. Candidates would be upper-level communications majors.

  4. Website development
    CMRT seeks a website developer with high-level technical skills to maintain and upgrade the current websites. The successful candidate would be majoring in web development and demonstrate skills in coding, SEO, and website creation.

  5. Assisting in teaching events
    CMRT seeks an assistant to accompany team members on brief international or local teaching trips. This person would assist in preparations for the classes/talks, help with documentation, manage set-up tasks, and benefit from the teaching resources.

Opportunities for learning these skills

  • Develop skills in dialogue, witness, peacemaking, and hospitality.
  • Grow in the development of life-giving relationships with Muslims and bearing witness to Jesus Christ.
  • Come alongside CMRT team members in their ministry engagements and take advantage of opportunities to observe and apply principles for engaging Muslims in life-giving ways and witness-bearing ways.

Lancaster, Pa. — where the CMRT is based — is a semi-rural, tourism- and agriculture-based county with a small but thriving city. Over the past decade, Lancaster has become a destination for refugees from many nations; this has significantly altered the demographics of the area. Members of the CMRT are all connected with the Mennonite church, but also relate to multiple mission, academic, and ecumenical circles. A workspace will be provided for the intern if needed — possibly in the EMM office or in the home office of one of the team members. *This internship could also be completed remotely.

Supervisors and colleagues
The mission intern will work with EMM’s Christian/Muslim Relations Team, which includes team leader, Jonathan Bornman, Andres Prins, Angie Earl, Michael and Ruth Hershey, and Peter Sensenig. A mentor will be assigned to provide oversight and accountability to the intern.

Skills and experience
Experience with communications, videography and computer technology is required. Applicants should enjoy working behind the scenes in detailed and technical tasks. Sensitive and secure communication about CMRT work is essential due to the nature of the work.

Length of service
2-6 months (Full-time, or part-time based on intern availability) / can be scheduled during a college semester or summer.

Interns will engage in one week of Launch discipleship mission training, along with other short-term mission interns and long-term mission workers. Prior to the training, interns will participate in at least three self-study modules and will be assigned an internship mentor. Interns will have an orientation to their assignment and community.

College credit/internship requirements
EMM will work with each intern and their college to ensure that college internship requirements are met.

Funding and compensation
Mission interns will work with their church community to raise funds to offset costs. Need-based scholarships may be available. Interns will receive room and board and a weekly stipend.