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Support PROMESA, a Mennonite school in Peru

Quechua children in Peru face discrimination in local schools due to their ethnicity and their evangelical faith. The Peruvian Mennonite Church decided to establish an alternative to the local school system by founding PROMESA, which offers an academically advanced, Christian education that also frees children from experiencing discrimination at school.

Two reasons to give to PROMESA:

New building

The school started in 2005 with 11 students; today, nearly 300 children, both Quechua and non-Quechua, are enrolled. Many children were being turned away due to lack of space and insufficient facilities, so the church purchased land in the mountains outside Cusco to construct a new school building. Volunteers from Engineering Ministries International (EMI) have created a three-phase construction plan. Walk through the planned campus here.

Just over $1 million is needed for site preparation and phase one of building classrooms. With our support, many more Peruvian students can have access to a safe, high-quality, Christian education. Read stories from the Peru Trek for PROMESA which helped raise money for the school. Learn more about the trek.


You can help a bright child with insufficient resources get a high-quality Christian education! It takes $1000 to sponsor one student for an entire school year, but any amount helps.

In this short video, learn about PROMESA through the story of 15-year-old Jhon Erik — and find out ways to help this Christian school achieve its future goals.

$50 helps PROMESA expand and reach more children
$200 moves PROMESA closer to a larger facility
$2,000 is a generous gift promoting education!

Give towards PROMESA in Peru.

$50, $200, $2,000, other

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