Church revitalization

Antonio Ulloa, church revitalization coach, would love to connect with you.

He is available to teach any of the series below (three to five sessions each) at Sunday morning services, small group gatherings, or renewal meetings.

  • Let's Take Another Look at Revival: How to prepare the soil for a fresh visitation of God
  • Beyond Performance: Learning how to experience God's grace anew
  • Worship in Spirit and in Truth: Learning to worship for an audience of one
  • Life in the Spirit: Understanding what it means to be a spiritual person
  • How to Discover and Enjoy the Very Presence of God ... Right Here on Earth
  • Rediscovering the Message of Jesus as Good News ... Inside the Church
  • Equipped for Spiritual Victory: Learning how to live based on Christ's supernatural provision for life and ministry

To schedule a series or learn more, contact Antonio Ulloa or call 717 898-2251 ext. 242.

As certified Natural Church Development (NCD) consultant on EMM's staff, Antonio can provide resources for churches interested in putting together an action plan to increase congregational health. This service is offered at no charge to congregations within EMM's supporting network.

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