Staff mission speakers

These EMM staff members would love to inspire and challenge your group. Click on the speaker's name to send him/her an email, or call EMM at 717 898-2251. If you are interested in scheduling EMM's church revitalization Coach, Antonio Ulloa, learn more here.

Galen Hershey, Facilities Manager
In his role as the facilities manager, Galen is responsible for all aspects of the physical plant, grounds, and office machines at EMM's Central Administrative Office, and he oversees the mailroom. He has a passion to "see believers work and serve together for the one great and all important cause, knowing God and making Jesus known to all the earth and not be divided over issues that we place as more important than that one all important purpose." Galen and his wife Jolie are the parents of five grown children.
Special focus: missionary stories of God at work, and our call to take Jesus to the world 
Gerry Keener, President
Gerry focuses on the ways EMM can live out its mission vision to “cross cultures, engage the world, and make disciples of Jesus.” Gerry has served with EMM for more than 40 years and has a deep understanding of the organization. He and his family served as missionaries in Vietnam for 12 years. Gerry and Donna along with their two daughters, Viktoria and Yen Elizabeth, live in Lancaster, Pa.
Special focus: mission stories from Vietnam, call of missions, and life journey in ministry

Andrew Mashas, Church Relations and Development Coordinator
Andrew is passionate about keeping congregations and individuals engaged in mission and vision through events, telling missionary stories at services, and connecting personally.
Steve Shank Steve Shank, Mission Team Coach
As a strategic coach, Steve trains and encourages EMM's regional representatives in various locations around the world. He, along with his wife Rose, planted three churches in Latin America and two in Pennsylvania. For over ten years he worked as a consultant, helping churches and church networks develop vision and implementation strategies for mission and church planting ventures. Steve has taught in mission training schools, short-term missions preparations, colleges, leadership training schools, and graduate schools in the areas of missions, church planting, and leadership development.
Special focus: stories of Latin America, mobilizing the local church, giving heart-to-heart, and youth and children's mission education
  David and Grace Shenk, Angie Earl, Andres Prins, and Jonathan Bornman, EMM's Christian-Muslim Relations Team
The team desires to equip Christians around the world for life-giving interaction with Muslims. In a world where complex conflicts sometimes divide Muslims and Christians and where mutual suspicion can build walls, this team speaks boldly and trains persistently for bridges of loving and respectful connection between Christians and Muslims, while faithfully confessing Christ. Among them, the five team members speak eight languages. All speak English. Andres can teach in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and North African Arabic. Angie speaks Bahasa Indonesian. David is fluent in Swahili. Jonathan speaks French and Wolof. Contact Jonathan Bornman, team coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to invite members of the team to speak to your group.

Special focus: Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing the gospel with Muslims, and Christ-centered peacemaking in a world of many religions and ideologies