Natural Church Development (NCD)

A certified NCD consultant on EMM's staff, Antonio Ulloa, provides resources for churches interested in putting together an action plan to increase congregational health. This service is offered at no charge to congregations within EMM's supporting network.

What makes churches grow?

Through careful worldwide research, The Institute for Natural Church Development has verified an important link between church health and church growth. Churches do not grow because they focus on numerical growth; they grow because they focus on qualitative growth, i.e., increasing their level of health -- making more, better, and more productive disciples who love and obey Christ.

The NCD Strategy

The NCD strategy starts with a survey of church members to determine the pulse of the church in relation to eight different "quality characteristics:"

  • Empowering leadership
  • Gift-based ministry
  • Passionate spirituality
  • Effective structures
  • Inspiring worship services
  • Holistic small groups
  • Need-oriented evangelism
  • Loving relationships

The results of the survey provide the church leadership an "objective snapshot" of congregational strengths and weaknesses at a particular moment in time. A church implementation team is then formed to analyze the information, to create an action plan to address the weaknesses, and to implement this plan. To close the cycle, a second survey is taken at the end of the implementation stage to measure the result of the efforts.

NCD does not intend to reduce God's work to a human system -- its intention is to empower church structures and ministries to release the Holy Spirit's work and power more freely in congregational life.

To learn more, contact Antonio Ulloa at 717 898-2251.