For short-term volunteers (age 55+)

Thank you for your interest in a short-term volunteer service opportunity with EMM. You’re among the many people 55 and up who want to stay engaged in using their gifts to benefit people overseas. The world needs your seasoned skills!

Read this page of instructions carefully and then complete the application form. (Link at the bottom of this page)

The following 4 steps are intended to help you understand and know what to expect of EMM's short-term volunteer application process. You and EMM are under no obligation working through these steps, and either party may withdraw at any point.

1. Application

Complete an application form for short-term volunteer placement. If you do not hear back from us within two weeks, please contact us to ensure that we have received your application.

2. Getting acquainted

Upon receiving your application form, we will email your reference forms. Please alert your references that they will be receiving an emailed form to complete and return within two weeks (unless we request they return it sooner by marking it URGENT). Once we receive your references, we will then contact you and arrange for an interview. If distance is a factor, we may arrange a phone interview. We may also contact your pastor by phone as part of the discerning process.

3. Approval for service

Upon approval, the personnel placement coach will discuss placement location and budget with you.

4. Official invitation

We will extend an invitation upon approval, hopefully within two weeks of the interview. (Due to travel schedules, we may not always be able to meet this goal.) Upon acceptance of the invitation, you will receive an approval packet via email.

 Complete application

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