May 13, 2020

Caring for others

Written by  Kathy Wohlers
Amani Gardens Inn. Amani Gardens Inn. Travis Tice

A second chance at love brought Jim and me together after both of our spouses passed away from cancer. At our wedding more than 8 years ago, we served our guests communion and told them that as we started our life together, we would be hand-in-hand as husband and wife in service towards others.

We headed to Alaska after one month of marriage where we hosted missionary candidates, missionaries, and pastors in our home for short periods of time. We also served with various mission organizations along with serving at our local church. It was just over a year later when we felt the call to go to Papua New Guinea. Jim served as a flight coordinator and helped me manage a guest house there for two years. We learned a lot about serving the community that worked on Bible translation and literacy. After a few years back at home helping elderly parents and our children with their growing families, we felt a release from God to go and serve again. This time we would go to Nairobi, Kenya, with EMM.

Blessed with an opportunity
Some people might ask, “Why go to a foreign country, spend all that money, and work really hard for people you don’t even know?” My answer is, “Because God has blessed me with the opportunity to spiritually wash the feet of others.” Many guests come to Amani Gardens Inn in Nairobi needing encouragement, prayer, or just a listening ear. Others need simply fellowship or information. Sometimes it is the staff who need the same things.

For Jim and me, it is easy to get involved with the practical chores such as busing tables, renovations, or painting projects. But my heart is always drawn towards women and their well-being. God often opens doors for me teaching women’s groups or sometimes ministering just one-on-one. We look around and see so many needs; we ask the Lord for His wisdom as to where He wants us involved. 

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