May 13, 2020

Part of a tapestry

Written by  Jennifer and Jeremy*
The Thai language teacher K.G. with Jeremy. The Thai language teacher K.G. with Jeremy. Jennifer and Jeremy*

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor once wrote a wise statement about how our well-being is reliant on one another. She wrote: “We don’t accomplish anything in the world alone and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that create something.”

Sent by God
A simple and powerful example of this is our connection with our language teacher, K.G.* We were referred to her as a good teacher by a local business person; we were told she was tough and understood foreigners well! So after meeting once with K.G., we made the quick decision to hire her. It felt right, and mostly we were thinking of ourselves—that she’d help us achieve our goal of learning language. But it became as much about her as about us.

After a month of teaching us, she invited us to her house to eat together. Then a couple of days later, she shared with us the story of her financial struggles. In 2019, she had gone into considerable debt due to a number of unforeseen situations including some funerals she was asked to pay for. Coming into 2020, she was in dire need of more work to pay her bills. With Jen and I having language study four days a week and our kids having lessons one day a week, along with our ability to prepay, she could reduce her debt considerably and balance her budget. She told us, “I believe God sent you to help me!”

Furthermore, we are now helping her teach English to the community children in her village so the threads from the tapestry continue to weave. There are other stories we could share about how God has been orchestrating our arrival long before we got here. But this story of our teacher, K.G., is one of our favorites because it illustrates how people from different worlds and paths can be brought together in a powerful way to benefit both at just the right time. And when two parties mutually benefit, then authentic community and empowerment results and God’s love can impact lives. 

*Full names are not used for sensitivity reasons.

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