October 1, 2020

A different prayer closet

Written by  Andrea* | April 2020
Rolando* playing guitar. Photo provided by the author. Rolando* playing guitar. Photo provided by the author.

“Confinement” to our houses in Spain only permits people to leave their living quarters to go straight to work and back, to the ATM machines, to buy food or medicine, or to walk their dogs close to home. As of today, the police have fined around 400 people across Spain for civil disobedience to their orders as they were unable to prove their reason for running around. We even heard that a number of people got into trouble because the police caught on that numerous individuals were out at different times walking the same dog!

Rolando has been going to his car in the somewhat-dark parking garage every day to play his guitar and spend time in prayer/intercession during quarantine. He’s also been keeping in touch with disciples and others through text messages and phone calls and often prays with other missionaries. He’s become very familiar with the Zoom platform as he attends a weekly training for missionaries in Spain, as well as attending other meetings online. In addition, he’s been improving his guitar playing, and reading about other faiths. mm

*Last names omitted due to sensitivity concerns.

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