October 2, 2020

Life turned upside down

Written by  Ben and Lena* | March 2020

Just like the rest of the world, our daily life was turned upside down. In the course of a week, several colleagues who were in the at-risk group hurriedly left the country before borders closed, Ben is leading the process of temporarily shutting down the business, schools shut down, and Lena is adjusting to home schooling our kids.

We live with the tension of having said socially distanced “goodbyes” and not knowing if, and when we will see people again. We live with the tension of being at peace being here, for our kids to not have been uprooted in an abrupt way, and yet have heightened anxiety with the reality of the closed borders. We live with the tension of being so grateful to be “home” and yet our emergency bags are still packed. We live with the tension of being among the privileged with Western passports and embassies which will continue to organize flights in case of bigger emergencies. We live with the tensions of deciding that right now our task, service, and people are here and yet having loved-ones all over the world that we hope to see again.

The world is grieving. Grieving losses, grieving the way life was. We are all experiencing the full range of emotions of the stages of grief. These are the most uncertain times. Unprecedented. The only certain things we have are to choose to love each other through this, to choose kindness and compassion.

We are all facing our biggest and darkest fears more than ever and we are all invited to deeper trust and letting-go: knowing that we are held by the One! The journey to deeper trust and greater hope is brutally painful and yet beautifully healing. 

*Names changed due to sensitivity concerns.

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