October 2, 2020

“Yes” and “amen”

Written by  Lea* | May 2020

Teaching online is not a great way to be present with people. Many have expressed their frustration and are struggling with losing their sense of purpose. For me, I’m mourning the loss of what felt like great momentum with some students and friends this past year.

A phrase that has emerged in our conversations is “the discipline of hope.” When the waiting feels purposeless and being caught in an indefinite state of limbo becomes overwhelming, hope becomes harder and harder to rally. The reality is that all the work we are doing, even though it doesn’t feel as meaningful as we are used to, is indeed filled with purpose. The uncertainty and the dozens of future scenarios and timelines I play out in my mind feel overwhelming and bleak. But it’s in these moments that I must remind myself that my future is in the Father’s hands. Though the “how” and “why” is a mystery, I am certain that He is at work even in the midst of the chaos and that He works all things for the good of those who love Him. Finding hope requires the discipline of remembering who the Father is, His history of faithfulness, and His many promises of “yes” and “amen.” 

*Name changed due to sensitivity concerns.

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