December 7, 2020

Missionary Messenger changes, yet stays the same

Written by  Linda Moffett

Our renovated offices are not the only change happening at EMM. The Missionary Messenger (MM) magazine is also being “refurbished!”

Did you know the first issues of MM were printed quarterly in 1924? In 2021, the magazine will revert to that schedule and be printed four times a year: spring (March), summer (June), fall (September), and winter (December). This change allows us to cut back on rising postage and production costs, and continue being wise and prudent stewards of our funds. But we will not be cutting down on in-depth and interesting stories of God at work around the world.

We have also decided not to print a prayer calendar this year. However, we will be including a list of our workers in the annual report as a handy reminder to pray for them throughout the year. If you haven’t already done so, we also encourage you to sign up for the Mission Intercessor, where you will find the most up-to-date prayer requests delivered monthly by email or mail. Sign up for this prayer guide at

In the very first issue of MM, John Mellinger wrote about the purpose and aim of the Messenger: “We want this to be a definite move forward in the cause of Missions … We believe it is a step forward if all of us can regularly get a little clearer glimpse of the Harvest field thru the pages of the Messenger. To this end this work is dedicated.”
— April 15, 1924, Vol. 1,
Missionary Messenger

The magazine’s goal has not changed. We pray you will be able to get a “clearer glimpse of the Harvest field” and be encouraged and inspired by the men and women who courageously and sacrificially serve the Lord all over the world. Our work continues to be dedicated to glorifying God through this publication and the work of EMM.

We value your feedback; and, if God is leading you, your prayers and financial support for the Missionary Messenger.

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