April 12, 2021

Sharing hospitality at Hub 450

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At the end of 2020, EMM staff began their move to relocate the Central Administrative Office to Lancaster City. We’re calling this newly renovated space, Hub 450, after its physical address at 450 North Prince Street. The first floor is already beginning to be used for meaningful cross-cultural ministry, and the second floor is providing a space to continue carrying out the important work of calling, sending, and supporting workers around the world. Here’s a first look at the new space with some reflections from EMM staff.

“I look forward to sharing hospitality with individuals and groups outside of my normal circle at Hub 450. The opportunity to connect with a broader community is a joyful part of working at EMM. It is exciting to think that a life might be changed over a cup of coffee, a workshop, or a meal hosted in our new facility. I look forward to fully engaging in our mission statement right here in Lancaster: ‘Christ’s transforming love compels us to cross cultures, engage the world, and make disciples of Jesus.’”
— Darlene Sommers, executive assistant to the president
“I am excited for new partnerships and ministry opportunities we will have in our new space. There are so many people, churches, and organizations doing great work in the city and I’m eager to join in their efforts and see how we can supplement what is already happening. I value having an outlet to encourage mission work in our local community while we simultaneously support work in many communities around the globe.” — Krista Martin, Kingdom Team director
“I think moving to Hub 450 will give EMM and its staff more avenues to share Christ and His love with other people. Having a ministry center at the Central Administrative Office will allow EMM to more consistently engage others, since this will be happening at its headquarters, locally, and abroad.” — Isaac Blasiman,
computer services trainer
“As with anything, there are always pros and cons about any major change, but the biggest pros about the move to the city for me are:
  • a parking garage — my car will have a garage for the first time in its life.
  • food — I can’t wait to try some new restaurants and visit old favorites.
  • people — I’m looking forward to prayer walks/walks around the city during lunch breaks or after work, and sharing the love of Jesus through a smile and a friendly greeting.”

Trisha Good, payroll manager and Investment Fund accountant


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