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May 2022 Mission Intercessor

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1 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Timothy and Madison* and the boys as they wrap up their time in the U.S. and transition back to Southeast Asia later this summer.

2 (Mon.) Czech Republic
Agree with us in prayer for God to raise up a church planting team member to join the work in the Czech Republic.

3 (Tues.) U.S.
Pray for Travis Stauffer as he serves with youth groups in Lancaster City. Ask God to continue to give Travis a vision for expanding God’s Kingdom.

4 (Wed.) Costa Rica
Pray for wisdom and compassion for Jen Hoover as she ministers with mothers and babies in El Nido and for Daryl Hoover in his work on the VidaNet campus. Pray for their son Joseph as he transitions to the U.S. this summer to work and then finish high school in the fall.

5 (Thurs.) Belize
Pray for Bill and Judy Houser as they relate to the Belize Evangelical Mennonite Church as LMC international partner delegates. Pray for them as they support and encourage church leaders.

6 (Fri.) Thailand
Please pray for individuals to be called to the opportunity of childcare assistant and homeschool helper in Thailand. Pray for individuals to join the team of missionaries there, in the service of caring for and tutoring their children.

7 (Sat.) U.S.
Pray for Binsa* as she has many opportunities to reach people in the Buddhist and Hindu community in the city where she lives.

8 (Sun.) Chile
Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve on Tenglo Island. Ask God to bring about divine appointments with new friends and people they meet as opportunities to share about him.

9 (Mon.) Cambodia
Pray for John and Debbie Coats to have love, wisdom, and perseverance to deal with the struggles of their various ministries. Pray for them as they plan for their upcoming home leave and sabbatical.

10 (Tues.) U.S.
Give thanks for our faithful reception volunteers who serve as friendly faces, welcoming those who come into or call the EMM office.

11 (Wed.) Middle East
Pray for Jade* as she wraps up the school year of online teaching. Pray that she will make the most of the opportunities God brings her way. Pray for a good summer in the U.S. connecting with family and friends.

12 (Thurs.) U.S.
Pray with us that the Advance programs this fall will have many young adults to form discipleship cohorts and teams.

13 (Fri.) Albania
Pray for Sonya Harnish as summertime can be busy with working on her regular tasks as well as helping with the summer camps. Praise the Lord for the opportunity children, youth and adults have to hear about Christ, be encouraged in their faith, and find refreshment when they attend camp.

14 (Sat.) Wales, U.K.
Pray for young adults with a heart for community development to be called to participate in the Going Public internship in Wales.

15 (Sun.) Cambodia
Pray for Kandace Glenn as she works at translating a Bible study workbook into the Khmer language. Pray for perseverance as she continues in language study and joy in the opportunities she has to connect with students through CRU.

16 (Mon.) Southeast Asia
Please continue to ask God to provide an executive director for a transformational business in Southeast Asia.

17 (Tues.) Honduras
Pray for Myla Curtis as she serves with VidaNet. Ask the Lord to provide a way for her to return home to attend her sister's wedding in June.

18 (Wed.) South Asia
Pray for Clara* as she ministers with her husband in pioneer witness and intercession. Pray that God continues to reveal and draw people to himself.

19 (Thurs.) U.S.
Please pray for continued, faithful giving to EMM's Impact Fund. These funds continue to allow EMM to recruit, train, send, coach, and care for our missionaries around the world.

20 (Fri.) U.S.
Please intercede for the provision of an urban ministry/teaching intern sent to Baltimore, Md.

21 (Sat.) The Netherlands
Pray for Bob and Miriam Philips as they serve both with Crossroads The Hague church as well as with Serge Global. Pray for them as they train and mentor.

22 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Pray for workers to join a family serving in Southeast Asia, building relationships in their neighborhood and through English teaching.

23 (Mon.) Central Asia
Thank God for the opportunity that Elizabeth* had to attend a couple of conferences and training in the past few months. Pray that she will know how to incorporate the things she has learned into her life and ministry. Pray for her as she prepares for home leave this summer.

24 (Tues.) U.S.
Pray for Krista Martin as she prepares for Kingdom Teams programs this summer. Ask God to supply all that she needs to train and lead the other K-Team staff and oversee the weeks of discipleship this summer.

25 (Wed.) Czech Republic
Pray for the people that Stacy and Vojta Prknovi have shared Jesus with that they would come to know Him personally. Pray for them as they continue to plan and prepare for the Mennonite Children's Choir of Lancaster that will be there in June.

26 (Thurs.) U.S.
Give thanks for the many individuals and churches who support EMM staff and workers in prayer throughout the year.

27 (Fri.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Owen and Abby* and the family who are in the U.S. for home leave and sabbatical. Their main focus for the sabbatical is rest and renewal in nature, reconnecting, traveling to visit family members, and personal development/education.

28 (Sat.) France
Pray for workers to join a developing team in Marseilles, France, to establish a witness and to reach out to the many immigrants in this city.

29 (Sun.) Belize
Pray for Luke and Sherell Charles as they continue to seek God's direction for their assignment and the timing of when to serve.

30 (Mon.) U.S.
Pray that many young people would hear the call to grow in discipleship and would sign up for this fall's Advance programs.

31 (Tues.) France
Pray for Jennifer Weaver as she finalizes and trains her MST, gathers support, and prepares for her assignment.


*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.

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CHICAGO — At the largest annual Muslim gathering in North America, thousands of Muslims browsed a bustling bazaar showcasing products, businesses, and opportunities by and for Muslims. Of over 500 booths, only one represented a commitment to dialogue and friendship from the perspective of committed followers of Jesus the Messiah.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — Nathanael Thorne and Joseph Manneh, friends from across the world, didn’t expect to meet again. For 10 months, their 2012–2013 Guinea-Bissau EMM YES team brought together nine missions-minded youth from West Africa and the U.S., including Thorne, from Washington, D.C., and Manneh, from The Gambia.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — “There would be many reasons for staying at home. We have already given our best 25 years to overseas work. We have built a house but have rarely lived in it. Our fruit trees invite us to remain and consume their bountiful harvest. Our parents have been in the hospital several times of late. We would enjoy keeping frequent contact with our growing children in the United States.”

Those were the words of missionary James Sauder (February 4, 1935 – July 22, 2016) after 25 years of evangelism, church planting, Bible teaching, and leadership development through Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) in Honduras and beyond. Yet Sauder and his wife Rhoda left home again to live and serve in the Dominican Republic, extending their missionary career to 30 years with EMM.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — She wrote countless lesson plans, graded hundreds of compositions, welcomed students who needed a listening ear at all hours, and poured many, many cups of tea. She had a quiet but profound influence on early leaders of Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia, the largest Anabaptist conference in the world today.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — Thirty-two adults and children were commissioned as missionaries at EMM’s commissioning service on July 10, 2016, at Willow Street Mennonite Church. The workers, both new and reappointed, will be serving in 14 countries including the U.S.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — More than 1,000 visitors enjoyed learning about the cultures, foods, and customs of countries around the world at Eastern Mennonite Missions’ Global Fair on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The grounds of the Hans Herr House and Museum were filled with exhibits hosted by EMM workers, staff, volunteers, and friends of more than 16 countries around the world. Visitors could purchase delicious food from places like Somalia, Puerto Rico, and Tajikistan. Children enjoyed creating free crafts, petting llamas, and playing a variety of international games.

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MILTON, Pa. Inviting a Muslim family to share a meal in your home: is this simple action key to helping Christians build bridges of friendship with their Muslim neighbors? After leading a group of Community Mennonite Fellowship congregants through sections of David W. Shenk’s “Approaches to Islam” video course, that’s just what Ron Geib did. And after a class filled with enthusiastic learning and discussion, about 20 other churchgoers are better prepared to take those simple, significant steps toward making Muslim friends.

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Salunga, Pa. -- Haven’t renewed your passport? On a tight budget? Is the idea of foreign travel daunting with young children?

No worries. International cultures, exotic foods, and foreign languages are only a short car drive away if you live in Central Pennsylvania.

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“Honestly, I laughed at the thought of going into missions,” said Becky Gant to a crowd of other YES alumni. “Me? I’m not good enough. I did everything in my power not to go into YES. Well, I lost, and I applied.”

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