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From the president's heart (click here to read)

A beautiful mess (click here to read)
A reflection by Dan Rice, EMM's business for transformation coach

Persecuted believers' courage inspires Thai Anabaptists
Prior to Lek* believing in Jesus, ten of his fifteen children died. After he became a Christian, his children stopped dying. People in his village noticed!

A quadruple bottom line (click here to read)
Most businesses measure only one bottom line - profit.
Business for transformation measures its impact in four ways - economically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually.

The dream business
Story of how one young man's dream to serve cross-culturally became reality

Mission effectiveness multiplied
An update on how serving through business has multiplied the work in regions around the world

Dan's dreams
MM asked Dan Rice to talk about what would be true if his wildest dreams about business for transformation came true


Nauseous. That's how I was feeling as we navigated the three-hour journey from Tirana to Korce. I don't usually experience motion sickness, but perhaps the lack of sleep and dehydration of my 20-hour journey from Lancaster, Pa., to Albania was now taking its toll. Or perhaps it was the terrible pasta I had on my flight.

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