Julia Tsai

Julia Tsai

LANCASTER, Pa. — On January 3, Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) flipped the switch to begin generating enough solar energy to meet half of the electrical demands of its Hub 450 property.

EMM’s long-awaited renovations of 450 North Prince Street (Hub 450) were completed in the final months of 2020. EMM staff members are now working out of offices on the second floor of the 23,000-square-foot building.

Core values of Hub 450
Sharing food, friends
and relationships at the table

Partnering with neighbors,
community, nations

Practicing Christ’s love for the
well-being of the city and world

Creating space for education,
art, business, innovation,
and faith

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November 19, 2021

On this special day, the largest day of generosity in Lancaster County, we hope you’ll include Eastern Mennonite Missions in your giving. We believe that the love of Christ has the power to transform lives and that this love compels us to fulfill our mission of crossing cultures, engaging the world, and making disciples of Jesus. Gifts made today help support EMM’s Impact Fund, the fund that enables us to do this work in our community and around the world. 

Give here

New This Year!
EMM staff have been celebrating the abundant love of God throughout this week and have been collecting food items for Water Street’s Thanksgiving meal as a way to multiply that love in our community. We’d love to invite you to join us in this expression of gratitude and love for our neighbors. On your way downtown for the ExtraGive festivities in Lancaster City, swing through EMM’s parking lot at 450 North Prince Street between 4 and 7pm, drop off some food items from the list below, and pick up a little goody bag. 

Food items:
Turkey (8-12lbs)
Ham or Bacon
Canned tuna or chicken
Veggies (fresh, canned or frozen)
Sugar (5lbs)
Salad Dressing and Condiments
Cheese (any kind)

Gerry and Donna are volunteer workers, who travel to Vietnam and other international locations to train pastors and church workers. They also develop curriculum from an Anabaptist perspective for post-high school learners.

Myla is serving in Costa Rica for 10 months at a discipleship training school with Vida220.

Mindi Hoover

Has served short-term in Honduras, Tanzania, and the U.S. and long-term in Uganda from 2013–2016. She is currently on staff at LMC as an administrative assistant in finance and for the STEP program. Mindi and her family attend Byerland Mennonite Church in Willow Street. Pa.

“I believe that we are all called to mission, wherever we are, every day. I am thankful to be able to serve the EMM Board and support mission this way.”

Jennifer will accompany believers in Marseille, France, as they disciple new believers and train leaders.

William serves globally providing discipleship training, leadership development, and mutual learning and encouragement with EMM's partners.

The transfer of leadership is a work of God’s grace that holds its unique challenges. It was 1988 that we left for a three-year term to a place in Tanzania that the Tanzanian Mennonite Church (KMT) had invited us to serve. After completing language school, Joe was given the task of teaching Theological Education by Extension (TEE) with a local pastor and church leader, Joseph Nyakyema, who was married to Jeanette, a missionary. For two years, we worked closely together in traveling and teaching over 100 students in 12 different locations every two weeks.

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