September 29, 2016

The unexpected mentor

Written by  Amber Huber

Eventually I gathered up the courage to ask her if she would be my mentor and if we could meet together. Lo and behold, this tiny woman is a mighty woman of God, a fierce prayer warrior, and a bold speaker of the truth with a heart of gold. She lost her father at a young age. Traveled the world. Served as a missionary in Africa.

My new friend is teaching me a wealth of knowledge. Sometimes she is so overwhelmed by God’s love she wraps her arms around herself and gives a squeeze. “That is for you,” she’ll say as she looks heavenward.

She tells me, “I’m so busy, there is so much work I have to do.” Then she proceeds to name all the people and places she is praying for ...
 My elderly friend has been living in a nursing home for the last number of years. She has no set schedule or places she needs to be most of the time, yet she is a busy woman. Repeatedly she tells me, “I’m so busy, there is so much work I have to do.” Then she proceeds to name all the people and places she is praying for, the answers to prayer, and what new revelations God has given her.

Each week we get together and watch a Bible study on DVD. Taking an hour or two out of my day to meet with my beloved friend is priceless. They say you become like those you spend your time with. I would be honored to be like her.

We have our Bible study set at the same time each week because she wants to waste no time. Her body may not be fully capable of doing the things she once did in Africa or the other places she once called home. Yet her love for God consumes her, strengthening her for battle. When I was off work for a month due to an injury, I struggled with a loss of purpose after the first week. My friend taught me how much power we have in Christ, even when we must sit still!

I want to raise the bar for my normal routine, redefine what I call intentional living, and fight the battle for dying hearts in this world. How much I have learned from a tiny white-haired lady who could easily have gone ignored!

Amber Huber served with EMM on a 2006 STAT program in Belize, took part in a Harrisburg Kingdom team in 2007, and worked as a kitchen coordinator and prayer intercessor at the Harrisburg Discipleship Center from 2011–2012. As the prayer intercessor, Amber would meet with residents at Landis Homes to pray for EMM teams on outreach. After her term with EMM, she began her current job as a cook at Landis Homes. She later found out that the residents she had been meeting with prayed she would get a job there. Amber has a goal of visiting all 50 states by the time she turns 50. She loves seeing young women overcome tough circumstances and emerge with peace and healing.

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