July 31, 2017

Sit and wait

Written by  Colin Wenger

One of the hardest things for me to do when I was little was to sit and wait. I had nap time after lunch every day, but I never fell asleep. I would try my hardest to sit still, but I always had too much energy. I have trouble being still to this day — but that is exactly what God has been leading me to do lately. I know I'm not the only one to notice that our God has quite the sense of humor!

I have been back stateside for almost a year after serving on a YES team for nine months. During this year, God has told me to simply sit and wait for Him to bring opportunities my way.

While still in Southeast Asia, I started to apply for a summer job as a camp counselor. One week later, I learned about the option to intern with EMM, so I did the logical thing and set aside three days and started to pray and meditate on it. During the three days, I felt the Spirit tell me I could do either — but I would grow more by doing the internship. You can't escape EMM, can you?

As I thought about what to do after the internship, I started to apply for a job as a mason to learn a trade. Then I got an opportunity to work on the staff at Immerse International (formerly the Millersville International House). I had been praying for a chance to interact with internationals since I had been stateside, but no opportunities presented themselves till then.

Now I live at Immerse International and share a room with a man from Thailand. It's an excellent opportunity to do life with foreign exchange students and to be there when faith questions arise!

Then I was laid off from my full-time job. My first instinct was to apply to every job I could, but when I tried to fill out applications, I would feel the Spirit preventing me from submitting them. The only one I could submit without feeling blocked by the Spirit was a job at Lancaster General Hospital to work as a transporter.

For about three months I waited, doing odd temp jobs and wondering if I had made the right choice. But He provided, and now I am a full time employee at Lancaster General Hospital. This was a tough period for me, because I'd had friends offer me jobs I knew I would get. But God had better things in mind for me. I love working at the hospital and praying for the patients I meet.

I prayed for opportunities to teach and to be involved in my church. So, the Lord being the Lord, He made a way for me to become a Sunday school teacher in my young adult group. In response to my heart for missions, the Father opened the way for me to take over as chair of my church's mission discernment committee.

I have no idea where all this will lead or what the end result will be. But I think that's part of the beauty of God's plan — we don't understand it, but we can fully put our trust in it. What I do understand is that I need to seek Him first in the silence before starting down my own path. All that's left for me is to sit, and ... you guessed it, wait.

Colin Wenger is 20 years old and grew up in Bowmansville, Pa. He served as leader of the Southeast Asia YES team from 2015-2016 and was on Kingdom team staff in summer 2016. He's now living and working as intern/groundskeeper/
resident grunt at Immerse International in Millersville, Pa., and is also working as a transporter at Lancaster General Hospital. He teaches Sunday school at Weaverland Mennonite Church and is transitioning in as chair of the mission discernment committee there.

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