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February 5, 2015

Size six sneakers

Written by Mary Boll

As we prepared to go to Albania in the spring of 2014, I checked what clothing and shoes we needed to bring. I was told since we would do a lot of walking, having good walking shoes was really important. I had a good pair of size 5½ sneakers but they were a little short; my toes hurt after I wore them even a short time. I decided I would buy size 6 sneakers. One evening my husband Nevin and I went to Weaver's Store in Fivepointville, Pa. I bought a nice pair of white slip-on Skechers with memory foam insoles. They fit great with or without socks. I hesitated about buying them because they cost more than I planned on spending.

January 8, 2015

Prepared for motherhood

Written by Melissa Zimmerman

Ten years ago, I was blessed to serve on the first YES team sent to a diverse country located in South Asia. As an adventurous 18-year-old, I never assumed those five months of life-changing experiences would still be impacting me today in my role as a full-time wife and mother.

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