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February 2020 Mission Intercessor

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1 (Sat.) East Asia
Pray for Lea* as she continues to teach and interact with students and fellow teachers. Pray that God's light will shine through her and that she will have opportunities to share Him with those she has contact with.

2 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Ben and Lena* as they minister through business for transformation. Pray that they can share God's love and hope through the relationships they have with those in their community and business.

3 (Mon.) Honduras
Pray for Wendell and Melanie Nofziger as they work and minister at Academia Los Pinares — Wendell as an elementary school principal and Melanie as a fourth grade teacher. Join with them in praying for grace to live and speak the gospel truths daily.

4 (Tues.) U.S.
Please continue to pray for Gerry Keener, Joe Hollinger, Andrew Mashas, and others as they share the vision of the 450 North Prince Street, Lancaster, Pa., project with many supporting congregations in February.

5 (Wed.) Southeast Asia
Nathan and Valerie* ask for prayer that they will finish their assignment well. Pray that the transition will be smooth as they hand off responsibilities to those who will take over. Pray for peace in the midst of the transitions.

6 (Thurs.) Global
Pray for Hannah Zimmerman as she prepares to teach the children and youth at the Southeast Asia workers’ retreat. Pray for meaningful conversations and that she can be an encouragement to both the children/youth and their parents.

7 (Fri.) Czech Republic
Pray that Jan Heindel could develop deeper connections at Café Connect and with other students, so that they will experience the presence of God. Pray also for personal renewal and refreshment for Jan.

8 (Sat.) Kenya
A guesthouse host/hostess are needed to help guests from around the world feel welcome and cared for at Amani Gardens Inn. Pray that God would provide an individual or couple to fill this role.

9 (Sun.) Middle East
Pray for Michael and Laura* as they pioneer in establishing, expanding, and walking beside home fellowships by mentoring the leaders. Pray also that more people in that region will find hope and peace in their lives through reconciliation with God and those around them. 

10 (Mon.) Global
In 2019, $1,267,537.86 was given toward the Impact Fund. Praise God for all the faithful donors and supporters who continue to give financially to God's work through EMM. Please pray for an abundance of giving in 2020.

11 (Tues.) Middle East
English teachers can find unique opportunities for service in the Middle East. Pray for individuals to be interested in these opportunities and to have the courage to follow God’s leading.

12 (Wed.) Southeast Asia
Pray for all the workers attending the Southeast Asia workers’ retreat from February 1217. Pray for renewal and refreshment. Pray for those resourcing both the adults and the children/youth.  

13 (Thurs.) Kenya
Praise the Lord that Stuart and Amaris Allan and their family have settled into their new ministry and family roles in Kenya. Amaris enjoys her work at Kijabe Mission Hospital and Stuart continues developing meaningful relationships as he manages Amani Gardens Inn.

14 (Fri.) U.S.
Ask God to provide Kingdom Team summer staff to work in Lebanon and Lancaster, Pa., as well as Phenix City, Ala.

15 (Sat.) Southeast Asia
Praise God with Timothy and Madison* for those who have accepted Christ. Pray for strength for the new believers as some are pressured to give up their faith. Pray that Timothy and Madison can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in their community.

16 (Sun.) Global
Pray for people who love the church to look into EMM opportunities. From South America to Eastern Europe, around and between, we've got opportunities for people to support new and growing churches!

17 (Mon.) Middle East
Pray for Lucy* as she learns the language and works among the local refugee population.

18 (Tues.) Thailand
Shirah Burns is a mission intern in Thailand, working with the children of long-term workers as well as building relationships with her host family. Pray for her health as she adjusts to a different diet.

19 (Wed.) Guatemala
Pray for Ted and Julie Smoker as they pick up responsibilities again after spending time in the U.S. Pray for the children as they settle back into school and other routines.

20 (Thurs.) Germany
Pray for a mission intern, Preston*. Pray that he would be able to continue having encouraging discipleship conversations with his housemates as well as needed times of rest.

21 (Fri.) Central Asia
Pray that God would bring His Kingdom to the people in Central Asia, especially in the areas of abuse and domestic violence, and that He would heal wounded hearts. Pray for Elizabeth* as she seeks God's guidance on her part in this work.

22 (Sat.) Southeast Asia
People with web design and media production skills are needed to assist with a growing transformational business in Southeast Asia. Pray for skilled applicants to respond to this calling.

23 (Sun.) Germany
Pray for Eric and Janelle* as they study language, practice hospitality, and build relationships supporting an international church that serves refugees.

24 (Mon.) Guatemala
Pray for mission intern Josh Varner and his Vida220 discipleship team in Guatemala City. Ask the Lord for divine opportunities to share Christ's love with those they are serving.

25 (Tues.) U.S.
Pray for wisdom for Angie Earl as she mentors an intern who is serving with the EMM Christian- Muslim Relations Team until May.

26 (Wed.) U.S.
Pray for someone to assist with the summer program at Immanuel Community Church in New York City. This individual would tutor children and have other community involvement.

27 (Thurs.) Kenya
Pray for Jim and Kathy Wohlers who are in the middle of their three-month assignment as hosts at Amani Gardens Inn. Ask the Lord to provide opportunities for them to share the hope of Christ to the guests and staff that they meet.

28 (Fri.) France
Continue to pray for people who are considering service in Marseilles. May the Lord speak guidance and peace to them in their discernment.

29 (Sat.) Guatemala
Pray for mission intern Andi Starner as she is halfway through her seven-month assignment. Pray that she would continue to have energy to keep up with the children she serves, as well as insight into how best to represent Christ to those little ones. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.

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CHICAGO — At the largest annual Muslim gathering in North America, thousands of Muslims browsed a bustling bazaar showcasing products, businesses, and opportunities by and for Muslims. Of over 500 booths, only one represented a commitment to dialogue and friendship from the perspective of committed followers of Jesus the Messiah.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — Nathanael Thorne and Joseph Manneh, friends from across the world, didn’t expect to meet again. For 10 months, their 2012–2013 Guinea-Bissau EMM YES team brought together nine missions-minded youth from West Africa and the U.S., including Thorne, from Washington, D.C., and Manneh, from The Gambia.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — “There would be many reasons for staying at home. We have already given our best 25 years to overseas work. We have built a house but have rarely lived in it. Our fruit trees invite us to remain and consume their bountiful harvest. Our parents have been in the hospital several times of late. We would enjoy keeping frequent contact with our growing children in the United States.”

Those were the words of missionary James Sauder (February 4, 1935 – July 22, 2016) after 25 years of evangelism, church planting, Bible teaching, and leadership development through Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) in Honduras and beyond. Yet Sauder and his wife Rhoda left home again to live and serve in the Dominican Republic, extending their missionary career to 30 years with EMM.

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SALUNGA, Pa. — She wrote countless lesson plans, graded hundreds of compositions, welcomed students who needed a listening ear at all hours, and poured many, many cups of tea. She had a quiet but profound influence on early leaders of Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia, the largest Anabaptist conference in the world today.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — Thirty-two adults and children were commissioned as missionaries at EMM’s commissioning service on July 10, 2016, at Willow Street Mennonite Church. The workers, both new and reappointed, will be serving in 14 countries including the U.S.

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WILLOW STREET, Pa. — More than 1,000 visitors enjoyed learning about the cultures, foods, and customs of countries around the world at Eastern Mennonite Missions’ Global Fair on Saturday, July 9, 2016. The grounds of the Hans Herr House and Museum were filled with exhibits hosted by EMM workers, staff, volunteers, and friends of more than 16 countries around the world. Visitors could purchase delicious food from places like Somalia, Puerto Rico, and Tajikistan. Children enjoyed creating free crafts, petting llamas, and playing a variety of international games.

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MILTON, Pa. Inviting a Muslim family to share a meal in your home: is this simple action key to helping Christians build bridges of friendship with their Muslim neighbors? After leading a group of Community Mennonite Fellowship congregants through sections of David W. Shenk’s “Approaches to Islam” video course, that’s just what Ron Geib did. And after a class filled with enthusiastic learning and discussion, about 20 other churchgoers are better prepared to take those simple, significant steps toward making Muslim friends.

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Salunga, Pa. -- Haven’t renewed your passport? On a tight budget? Is the idea of foreign travel daunting with young children?

No worries. International cultures, exotic foods, and foreign languages are only a short car drive away if you live in Central Pennsylvania.

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“Honestly, I laughed at the thought of going into missions,” said Becky Gant to a crowd of other YES alumni. “Me? I’m not good enough. I did everything in my power not to go into YES. Well, I lost, and I applied.”

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