Volunteer locally in Lancaster County, Pa.

Are you interested in multiplying the work of EMM by sharing your time and talents? EMM has many opportunities for you to participate in the mission of God by volunteering through our administrative offices in Lancaster County, using the gifts and passions God has given you. Contact Sherrie Ober to learn more, or complete the application now and someone will reach out to you.


Opportunities include:

Do you like to host guests in your home, prepare and serve food, or provide transportation for staff and visitors? People who are gifted in hospitality can serve in these ways and more.

Are you organized and detail-oriented? Would you enjoy answering phones and greeting people who come to visit EMM? There are several ways you could use those gifts to volunteer with EMM.

Do you like working with your hands or enjoy spending time outdoors? We could use your help in keeping our property and facilities in beautiful, working order through lawn care, landscaping, leaf clean-up, and other small maintenance jobs.

Is creativity one of your passions? From music and art to writing, photography, and media editing, there are numerous ways you could serve the mission of God through EMM by engaging these passions.

Do you have specific skills or experience that might allow you to volunteer in areas like finance, grant writing, worship leading, cross-cultural training, or board membership? If you are gifted in these or other areas, please let us know how you would like to use your skills for God’s mission through EMM.

Because of the variety of events we offer at EMM, we need volunteers of all kinds. Could you help with events like First Fridays and EMM’s banquet? Could you provide child care, pray for staff and workers, or volunteer in another way? Please complete the application or reach out to share your ideas.

Would you like help discerning how you can use your giftings to volunteer at EMM? Reach out to Sherrie Ober to discuss the right fit for you.

Process for volunteers

  1. Fill out volunteer application
  2. Receive a phone call from the personnel placement coach to discuss interests and possible opportunities
  3. Interview with personnel placement coach and team supervisor
  4. Receive invitation to serve as a volunteer and establish start date
  5. Complete background checks if applicable
  6. Participate in EMM orientation and training

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