Assistant for EMM's Christian/Muslim Relations Team (CMRT)

Assist EMM's Christian/Muslim Relations Team with all or some tasks listed below, depending on your skill set. A volunteer is needed to gather and safeguard information, and to make team resources available to others. Team members: David and Grace Shenk, Sheryl Martin, Andres Prins, Jonathan Bornman.

Tasks (not necessarily in order of importance):
  • Collect and make accessible all articles written by team members.
  • Help team members rebuild address book and correct all errors.
  • Assist team members with backup and archiving important files in accessible ways.
  • Create a shared resource of all team-related files and documents that could be accessed by others on a permission basis, including: 
    • Bible study in 40+ languages
    • Sample seminar and workshop outlines
    • Links and contact information for accessing book translations
  • Recreate PowerPoints, charts, and outlines used regularly for presentations. Place in formats that move easily across various platforms.
  • Facilitate the growth and development of Peacemakers Confessing Christ International by making resources available and helping people access and use them.
To inquire about this volunteer position, contact Jonathan Bornman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (717) 826-7700.

Experienced painters

Eastern Mennonite Missions could use experienced painters to assist with:

  • Indoors: painting walls and trim
  • Outdoors: painting railings and windows
  • and other projects as available.

Contact Galen Hershey or call 717 898-2251 for more information.


EMM is looking for friendly people who enjoy answering phones and interacting with the public. If you are able to volunteer at our front reception desk at the Central Administrative Offices in Salunga, and are willing to sign up for a fixed, weekly time slot. Contact Galen Hershey or 717 898-2251, ext. 238.


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots." -- Marcus Garvey

EMM's history is important; we have a story to preserve and tell. But we need volunteers to accomplish this by organizing and labeling files in our archives. Knowledge of EMM programs and missionaries is helpful, but not required. Volunteers may choose when and how long to work. Interested? For more information, contact Galen Hershey at 717 898-2251, ext. 238.