EMM ministries

God calls each of us to participate in His mission according to our God-given gifts and interests. At EMM, we recognize that many individuals and congregations gravitate toward certain kinds of ministry, making their involvements more specific and personal — and therefore more engaging and meaningful. 

Although any particular mission context generally includes multiple kinds of ministry, making it hard to assign only one label to the work going on in a mission context, we at EMM have still found it helpful to name the ten ministries below. We hope that naming these ministries will also help you to find your place in what God is doing around the world. 


  • Pioneer witness
  • Business for transformation
  • Children at risk
  • Discipleship training
  • Education
  • Health and community development
  • Hospitality
  • International partnerships
  • Leadership training
  • Muslim ministry

EMM is constantly seeking to enter new locations, places where the church is not . . . yet. We go where we don't see vibrant communities of Jesus-worshippers, believing those communities will emerge. Everything we do is working toward this goal.

Money given to pioneering movements to Jesus might help workers explore new outreach in very sensitive locations, provide Bibles for literacy work in West Africa, reach out in fishing villages off the coast of Chile, or work among immigrant groups in large metropolitan areas like Berlin.

Our vision is to see business people catalyzing holistic transformation in communities worldwide.

When we talk about business for transformation, we are simply talking about business people being faithful to God's mission in the context of their business. Over time, we believe the result this faithfulness is transformation...spiritually, economically, socially, environmentally. All of these aspects of life in a community are being transformed when we put God's mission as our central focus.

Our mission is to recruit, equip, send, and support business people to engage in God's mission where the church is not...yet.
We affirm the gifts and skills God has given business people, and encourage them to use those talents for His mission through business for transformation. We believe it is possible for a team to start a business and form a church...a simple church which is low-maintenance, highly reproducible, and heavily focused on discipleship.

Our strategy is to equip missional entrepreneurs with the resources needed to successfully start a business and a church. We do this through our business incubator.
EMM's business incubator is designed to offer assistance to startup companies that align with business for transformation principles. Business for transformation is a philosophy whereby a business dedicates its resources to economic, social, environmental, and spiritual transformation of a community.

Children "at risk" are those who lack the basic necessities of life (physical, emotional, social, or spiritual) and are at risk of not developing their God-given potential. These include street children, orphans, disabled children, human trafficking victims, and others.

God has given us a vision to see hurting children rescued from suffering, introduced to the love of Jesus, and released into God's mission.

Funds for this ministry might help reach out to Chilean children on Tenglo Island, tutor rural Cambodian children in school and godly character, or provide for children living in a home for abandoned and abused children in Honduras.

EMM is committed to multiplying disciples, and helping to equip every Jesus follower with mission and discipleship principles. Whether at home or in cross-cultural contexts, we encourage people who are growing as disciples to help those around them become disciples, too. 

Multipliers is a discipleship group for those who are committed to growing in discipleship right in the midst of their regular lives. Learn more about Multipliers here.

The Kingdom Team summer program is an opportunity for youth groups to experience five days of urban ministry intermixed with intensive discipleship and times of ministry. Learn more about Kingdom Teams here.

We also provide cross-cultural discipleship and mission training for church groups that are preparing to go on short-term mission trips. The guide is available for free here.

EMM's mission internship program offers full-time cross-cultural mission opportunities with intensive discipleship training and hands-on discipleship experience. Mission internships range from three to 18 months, and interns are placed alongside experienced missionaries all over the world. Each mission internship includes intensive discipleship and mission training before the assignment, ongoing mentoring during the program, and a focused debriefing period upon return. Learn more about mission internships here. 

Education offers the opportunity for people to more fully use their God-given abilities. Education in communities builds character, increases respect for community members and all of God's creation, and is a significant force in breaking cycles of poverty.

Our work in education ranges from preschool through higher education in a wide variety of settings — from Guatemala to Honduras, Ethiopia, East Asia, Albania, Lithuania, Cambodia, Guinea-Bissau, or Peru. In Peru, for example, a school called PROMESA provides Christian education, a high priority as Quechua Mennonite children are often discriminated against in the local schools, both for their faith and for their ethnicity.

We seek to follow Jesus' example by ministering to the whole person - including physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. EMM workers do this through medical clinics, preventative health care, and training of medical personnel or health advocates. This also occurs through our work in agriculture and food sustainability, psychological counseling, debt counseling, and other types of community development.

Your funds for health and community development could provide treatment for malnourished children in the Peruvian Andes.

The generous and loving reception of guests, whether they be friends invited to a home, travelers provided with lodging and a listening ear, or immigrants settling in a new city and country, reflects the generous and loving heart of God. EMM has a long-standing tradition of offering hospitality via the ministry of Amani Gardens Inn (formerly the Mennonite Guest House) in Nairobi, Kenya. In recent years, hospitality ministry has expanded to include welcoming and serving immigrants, especially in Europe and the United States.

Contributions to this ministry could help to fund an intercultural center in Germany that provides a sense of community for immigrants from many countries or help to cover the cost of recruiting and placing workers at Amani Gardens Inn in Kenya.

We go about our work with a strong emphasis on partnership. God is raising up workers around the world to go "where the church is not ... yet" and we partner with congregations and other mission agencies in the United States and around the world to help mobilize and send workers. We also build and participate on international teams of missionaries.

Funds for this ministry support our church planting work in partnership with Amor Viviente of Honduras; the Garifuna of Belize; churches in East Africa; various groups in the United States; in sensitive regions of Asia; and more.

Training pastors and others for missional church leadership is vital in EMM's philosophy of church planting. We work to raise up local leaders who will take full ownership for congregations, and who will then initiate their own mission outreaches from those congregations.

Funds that support this ministry might be used for theological training for Christian leaders in Vietnam or to train leaders in church planting in Belize, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, the United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, or elsewhere.

From our early days in East Africa through the present, EMM has had consistent witness among followers of Islam, and we remain committed to testifying to Jesus' love among Muslims around the world.

EMM's Christian/Muslim Relations Team is a vital and vibrant part of this ministry. Read more about the team and find resources here.

EMM workers are active in Muslim ministry in East Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Gifts to this ministry might help provide The People of God correspondence course to interested Muslims, introducing them to Iso Masih (Jesus the Messiah).