Meet EMM’s workers! These mission workers are bringing the good news of Jesus to 30 countries around the globe. As these individuals and families serve in medicine, business, church planting, education, and much more, each of them is committed to helping others find transformation through Jesus.

On each of our workers’ pages, there is an option to set up regular financial contributions or make a one-time gift to sustain their ministry on the field. Both new and established workers have an ongoing need for people like you to partner with their ministry through financial support. Your gift to a new worker helps them raise the funds needed to begin their assignment, while gifts to workers already serving on the field help maintain and continue their work. As you look through this list of workers, please prayerfully consider how the Spirit is asking you to respond.

Your prayer support is also vital to the ministries of EMM workers! You’re invited to pray for an EMM worker every day by following our monthly prayer guide here (under the “Mission Intercessor prayer guide” tab).

Stacy is the regional representative for East/Central Europe. As a missionary in Prague, she teaches English, builds local relationships, connects with mission workers and churches in the broader region, and supports the ministries of a local church.

Andre and Karen work with a partner church group in planting and developing new village-based churches. 

Rolando and Andrea* seek to build authentic relationships that best communicate the good news of the gospel in order to see true Christ-followers emerge.

Samson* serves as EMM's Regional Representative to East Africa.

Mark and Sarah serve as the primary EMM link with the Life Enrichment Church, walking with them in such a way as to deepen their biblical/theological understandings, encourage the vision for multiplication, provide pastoral care for the church leaders, and facilitate opportunities for deeper relationships with the broader Anabaptist world.

Don serves as a volunteer consultant for ministries in Vietnam. He lived in Vietnam with his wife and children from 1963 to 1975.

David and Grace serve globally as missiological consultants. They focus specifically on enabling a ministry of peacemaking and encouragement for churches, especially in areas where the church is under pressure, and working at Muslim-Christian peacemaking. They are members of EMM's Christian-Muslim Relations Team

Katelyn will be ministering to children at an orphanage in partnership with We Help Children.

Ted and Julie, with their six children, serve alongside the K'ekchi' Mennonite Church in Guatemala. Ted assists in developing sustainable coffee farming and agriculture to help K'ekchi' farmers increase sales and achieve fairer prices. He also facilitates small business trainings. Together, the Smoker family builds relationships and hosts visitors to the region.

Marty and Glenna are associated workers, primarily with Wycliffe Bible Translators at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Marty works in information technology, including computer repair. Glenna is a library cataloger at the Dallas International University (formerly Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics). She is also involved in ethnomusicology and world arts.

Josh is participating in an 11-month discipleship training and outreach program, Vida220, which is run by VidaNet and based in Costa Rica.

Alan and Carol have lived in Wales since 1999 with their children. They have been involved in church development, teaching English, discipleship training, and more. They recently joined a missional community in Cardiff with several other believers. The Werts strive to model a biblical lifestyle in a post-Christian culture. 

Leah will be teaching English at the White Dove School in Chamelecon, Honduras, in partnership with the local church.

Leon and Naomi serve globally, providing theological teaching, leadership development, and encouragement to EMM’s partners.

Austin serves with VidaNet, a discipleship training ministry based in Costa Rica. He leads VidaNet's community outreach programs, and also plans and leads the short-term teams that come through the ministry while traveling to different parts of Central America. Austin builds and strengthens relationships with VidaNet's partner churches.

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