Support affordable preschool in Guinea-Bissau

Give the gift of a good start in life!

In Guinea-Bissau, where the annual per capita income is only $1,090, mothers have few educational options for their children.

EMM has partnered with local people in the villages of Catel, Guinea-Bissau, to start a preschool where children can get a good start on reading, writing, and arithmetic. But most importantly, the children learn that Jesus loves them and has good plans for their lives. View fun photos of these preschoolers here.

Village parents pay $10 per school year in tuition (a significant expense for them), but this is not enough to cover all costs. The preschool has a current financial need of $2,000.

Charitable gifts received will be used to outfit school rooms, make uniforms, purchase school supplies, and supplement the salaries of the the preschool teachers.

$54.50 provides one student with a uniform, books, and supplies, and supplements teachers’ salaries
$720 covers the cost of paint, window screens, cabinet locks, general care, and security for the preschools

Give towards the preschool in Guinea-Bissau.

$54.50, $720, other

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