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“The flow of refugees into Germany, already very high, is expected to increase in a way we’ve never seen before,” said an EMM worker in Halle, Germany. At Begegnungraum der Kulturen (The Meeting Place of Cultures) – an immigrant ministry through local church Soli Deo in Halle – refugees receive aid in their hour of need. Many arrive traumatized and fearful. But everyone who comes to the immigrant center is treated with dignity and respect, welcomed despite being strangers and foreigners in a new country.

Europe is seeing an influx of refugees from politically destabilized regions in North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Since 2010, immigration has doubled in parts of Europe. Refugees may be Muslims, and they may be persecuted Christians. Marah is a single mother struggling to raise two children on her own. She arrived in Halle, Germany, from North Africa, with a price on her head for dishonoring her family. Fadiyah, abandoned by her husband, is from Sao Tome. Illness has added to the burden of taking care of her three teenage sons.

At Begegnungraum der Kulturen, practical help is offered – from setting up a household in Germany to applying for government paperwork. German language courses, music lessons, and a safe place to socialize and make friends help with the immigrants' transition to a new country. “Germany is being stretched almost beyond its limits,” said the EMM worker in Halle. “While Germany has welcomed more refugees per capita than any country in Europe, there has been a minority speaking out against the refugees who are arriving. Now is the time for the evangelical church to join together and welcome the tide of refugees in the name of Jesus.”

Give towards immigrant ministry in Halle, Germany. Any amount will help.

$20 helps a refugee family buy groceries
$50 helps buy a tank of gas or pay the electric bill
$100 helps with a month's rent

$20, $50, $100, other

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Last modified on October 25, 2016
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