Give remote villages access to health education

Children living in the remote villages of the Andean mountains of Peru face a number of health challenges, including malnutrition, parasites, and anemia. Fortunately, these conditions are treatable and preventable with education and assistance.

Born and raised in Peru, Gloria Mamani Nina is a health promoter who travels six hours by bus to reach the village of San Juan de Cotabambas. She provides the families there with the information and tools they need for better health. Gloria presents lessons on everything from a balanced diet to good dental care to the importance of hygiene.

Gloria works as a health promoter with PROSIM, a health care cooperative started by EMM and the Peruvian Mennonite Church. Each local church -- many in outlying villages and communities -- has a health promoter or representative. Every month, the health promoters gather to meet with PROSIM for training, a time of prayer and worship, and a short devotional. Some of the trainings have included CPR training, anemia, medications and how to use them, and dehydration. The health promoters go back and share this vital information with their own communities or an outlying village. In the process they are seeing lives transformed, physically and spiritually! Check out PROSIM's work.

Give to PROSIM in Peru.

$20 covers the travel costs for a health promoter or representative (usually as far as 6-8 hours by bus) to attend monthly meetings 
$30 provides ten elderly individuals with hygiene products and a nutritious meal 
$45 replenishes the medications and supplies in the first aid kits of the health promoters and representatives

$20, $30, $45, other

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Additional information

  • Ministry category: Children at risk, Health and community development
  • Region: South America
Last modified on October 5, 2016
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