Other giving

The "Other giving" category is given to workers whose gifts are processed by another organization (other than EMM). Workers who are volunteers are also placed in this category.

Nathanael and Spring serve in Belize with their four children. Nathanael pastors at Jesus' Deaf Church in Orange Walk, while Spring practices her midwife and nursing skills, when possible. Together they walk alongside church and community members in friendship and mentoring relationships.

J.C. is a non-resident worker, serving as the director of Africa Association of Bible Schools.

Elizabeth* is learning a Central Asian language and culture so that she can use her storytelling skills to both honor and share the people's stories and to share the stories of Jesus with them.

Galen and Phyllis have served many years in Central America, including over 20 years among the K'ekchi' people of Guatemala and, more recently, among the Garifuna people in Belize. They now serve as volunteer coaches and mentors for local church leaders, as well as for other EMM workers in Central America.

Michael and Nancy serve in Chile as regional representatives for South America. Their mission includes mentoring businessmen and businesswomen who are seeking to conduct their businesses in Christ-like ways, as well as guiding local Chileans in the ministry of planting and leading house churches. They also partner with Christian Chileans who are working to raise awareness of the childhood sexual abuse crisis in Chile, while discussing ways to prevent it and respond to those affected by it. Mike and Nancy are involved in a variety of dynamic friendships and discipling relationships in which they seek to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives as they grow in relationship with Jesus.

Jonas and Hannah* serve in intercultural church planting and mentoring church planters in Germany.

Glenn and June nurture encouraging and prayer-filled relationships with the local conference of Mennonite churches in Hong Kong.

Paula* serves as a coach and organizational leader for Petra Peacebuilders, an organization dedicated to providing preemptive resilience support for people working to build peace in places where fieldwork takes a heavy toll. 

Bob and Miriam have been involved in evangelism and church planting in the Netherlands since 1993. They have served with Crossroads International Church for many years. Bob and Miriam also serve with Serge, and are currently working in leadership development, evangelism training, and arts outreach with Serge's international teams.

Andre and Karen work with a partner church group in planting and developing new village-based churches. 

Samson* serves as EMM's Regional Representative to East Africa.

Marty and Glenna are associated workers, primarily with Wycliffe Bible Translators at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Marty works in information technology, including computer repair. Glenna is a library cataloger at the Dallas International University (formerly Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics). She is also involved in ethnomusicology and world arts.

Alan and Carol have lived in Wales since 1999 with their children. They have been involved in church development, teaching English, discipleship training, and more. They are a part of a missional community in Cardiff, where they strive to model a biblical lifestyle in a post-Christian culture.

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