Meet EMM’s workers! These mission workers are bringing the good news of Jesus to 30 countries around the globe. As these individuals and families serve in medicine, business, church planting, education, and much more, each of them is committed to helping others find transformation through Jesus.

On each of our workers’ pages, there is an option to set up regular financial contributions or make a one-time gift to sustain their ministry on the field. Both new and established workers have an ongoing need for people like you to partner with their ministry through financial support. Your gift to a new worker helps them raise the funds needed to begin their assignment, while gifts to workers already serving on the field help maintain and continue their work. As you look through this list of workers, please prayerfully consider how the Spirit is asking you to respond.

Your prayer support is also vital to the ministries of EMM workers! You’re invited to pray for an EMM worker every day by following our monthly prayer guide here (under the “Mission Intercessor prayer guide” tab).

Brad serves at Immerse International, which provides intensive English language instruction, a safe living environment, and cross-cultural engagement for international students of all ages. Brad primarily oversees the facilities and builds relationships.

Daryl and Jen serve in Costa Rica with their four children, supporting the local discipleship network VidaNet. Daryl assists with organizing finances and administrative responsibilities for VidaNet. The programs of VidaNet provide long- and short-term discipleship and leadership training for young people from Central and North America. Jen serves as hospitality coordinator for VidaNet, planning and preparing for individuals and groups who stay at Casa VidaNet. Jen also serves as a counselor for El Nido, VidaNet's crisis pregnancy center which provides support and resources for mothers and children in crisis.

Steve and Bethany, and their family, are serving with the Life Enrichment Church in Thailand, expanding the reach of God's Good News by cultivating the next generation of disciples. 

Michael and Nancy serve in Chile as regional representatives for South America. Their mission includes mentoring businessmen and businesswomen who are seeking to conduct their businesses in Christ-like ways, as well as guiding local Chileans in the ministry of planting and leading house churches. They also partner with Christian Chileans who are working to raise awareness of the childhood sexual abuse crisis in Chile, while discussing ways to prevent it and respond to those affected by it. Mike and Nancy are involved in a variety of dynamic friendships and discipling relationships in which they seek to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives as they grow in relationship with Jesus.

Jeremy and Jennifer* serve as Regional Representatives, walking alongside the people of Southeast Asia.

Jonas and Hannah* serve in intercultural church planting and mentoring church planters in Germany.

Glenn and June nurture encouraging and prayer-filled relationships with the local conference of Mennonite churches in Hong Kong.

Kelly engages in community outreach through children's ministry as an intern with Going Public, a program of Glenwood Church Centre in Cardiff, Wales. 

Mike and Roberta, along with their three children, serve in Kaiserslautern, Germany. They are involved in many aspects of ministry. Their main role is providing leadership to a year-long discipleship program for young adults. The young adults have weekly seminars, work in the community, live together in an apartment, are an active part of the church and have a 2- to 3-week international outreach.  

Lucy* is engaged in language study and working among the local refugee population. 

Michael and Ruth serve as members of the Christian Muslim Relations Team, having served previously for nearly 10 years in South Asia. During this time they lived and worked in a Muslim community. This deep background experience is critical to understanding Muslims and gives them something to draw upon as they equip others for fruitful and life-giving relationships with Muslims. During those years in South Asia, they were devoted to prayer as one of their primary ministry functions. Their gifts and experience help the CMRT continue to grow in prayer and equipping others in prayer as a vital part of mission. 

Wendell and Melanie serve in Honduras with their four children. They are regional representatives for Central America, overseeing all of EMM's programs and personnel in the region. 

Owen and Abby* serve in discipleship and relationship building in Southeast Asia.

Paula* serves as a coach and organizational leader for Petra Peacebuilders, an organization dedicated to providing preemptive resilience support for people working to build peace in places where fieldwork takes a heavy toll. 

Peter* serves as a member of the Christian-Muslim Relations Team, encouraging churches and individuals, through teaching, preaching, writing, and example, to build meaningful relationships with Muslims. Peter and his family served in East Africa for five years, and they draw from that experience as they engage here in the U.S. and globally.  

Bob and Miriam have been involved in evangelism and church planting in the Netherlands since 1993. They have served with Crossroads International Church for many years. Bob and Miriam also serve with Serge, and are currently working in leadership development, evangelism training, and arts outreach with Serge's international teams.

Blessed with three decades of experience interacting with Muslims and the ability to communicate in five languages, Andres serves globally as a consultant for churches and leaders, especially in the area of teaching/training Christians how to build life-giving relationships with Muslims through dialogue, witness, peacemaking, and hospitality. He is a member of EMM's Christian-Muslim Relations Team.  

Stacy and Vojta serve as regional representatives for East and Central Europe. As missionaries in Prague, Stacy teaches English and supports the ministries of a local church, while Vojta is involved in prison ministry, through Prison Fellowship International. Together, they are building local relationships and connecting with mission workers and leaders in the broader region.

Andre and Karen work with a partner church group in planting and developing new village-based churches. 

Samson* serves as EMM's Regional Representative to East Africa.

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