April 2023

For the Joy

“Any questions?” my husband Steve invited a response as he scanned the faces in the adult Sunday school class and brought our presentation about ministry to the Isaan people of Thailand to a close. A man seated opposite smiled, “No. Just the hard one: How do you keep going when you see so few people believe?”

An Invitation

No matter the date of birth or country stated on your birth certificate, this article hopes that you consider an assignment with EMM. But if that challenge feels like a non-starter for you, keep reading and hear me out

President’s Desk

In the 11 countries that make up the geographic region of Southeast Asia, there are more than 680 million people! The Joshua Project estimates that nearly 53 percent of the people in this region would be identified as “unreached.” They define this term as “a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance.”