As people on mission with God, we understand that everything flows out of our relationship with Him.
We pray with passion and persistence for His kingdom to come and His will to be done in every way and move forward as He leads us.

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December 2022 Mission Intercessor

1 (Thurs.) West Africa
Continue to pray for the Africa Association of Bible Schools and JC Ebersole as they train and equip African leaders in solid biblical teaching. Pray that God’s word will transform Africa.

2 (Fri.) West Africa
Pray for individuals and families to be called to the work of leadership development and church planting in West Africa.

3 (Sat.) Chile
Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve on Tenglo Island. Thank God for their willingness to jump in and provide leadership to potential short-term teams in the area. Ask God to expand their heart for the ministry they provide.

4 (Sun.) Cambodia
Pray for Kandace Glenn in her relationships with university/post-graduate students and that she can help them discover God’s purpose for their lives as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

5 (Mon.) Tanzania
Pray for Joe and Yvonne Garber as they serve as LMC international partner delegates to the Tanzania Mennonite Church. Pray for the church as well as they seek to enter new mission fields and develop leaders.

6 (Tues.) U.S. and Global
In 2023, Kingdom Teams Local and Global will give youth opportunities to serve domestically and internationally. Pray for youth and young adults to respond to God’s call to serve as both participants and staff.

7 (Wed.) Albania
Pray for Sonya Harnish and the women’s group at her church. Ask God to work in the hearts of all who attend and draw them into a deeper relationship with Him. Pray that Sonya will find ways to connect with some of the ladies outside the study time. Pray for her as she speaks into the lives of those in the young adult group.

8 (Thurs.) U.S.
Praise God for the team of interns with Hub 450. Ask God to expand their hearts and vision to see him glorified in the nations.

9 (Fri.) East Asia
Pray for creativity and wisdom for Lea* as she prepares and teaches. Pray that she will have many opportunities this Christmas season to share the true meaning of Christmas. 

10 (Sat.) U. S.
Pray for a strong response to EMM’s end-of-year appeal, providing the funds to cover our budgeted expenses.

11 (Sun.) Costa Rica
Pray for Daryl and Jen Hoover and their family as they are involved in another Vida 220 discipleship school year. Pray for wisdom and physical strength for their son, Micah, as he gives leadership to other students. Pray for Joseph in his studies and relationships in Pennsylvania.

12 (Mon.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Jeremy and Jennifer* in the many ways they minister and serve as regional representatives in Southeast Asia. Praise the Lord for the support they feel in their community as well as from family and friends in North America. Pray for wisdom as they walk alongside their Southeast Asia team scattered in several different countries. 

13 (Tues.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Will and Nina* as they serve and interact with the staff at the water filter business. Pray also for them and their children as they relate to those in their neighborhood and community. May they have many opportunities to share about the reason for Christmas. 

14 (Wed.) Global
Pray for Generation Z, as they consider how to best engage the world in missions, both locally and abroad. 

15 (Thurs.) Costa Rica
Pray for the Vida 220 group as they continue to be discipled and encouraged in their walk with God. Pray for Wendell and Melanie Nofziger and their children in their involvement and relationships with the students. Praise the Lord for unity among the staff.

16 (Fri.) Czech Republic
Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic.

17 (Sat.) Czech Republic
Please lift Vjota and Stacy Prknovi in prayer as they serve with their daughter Viktorie in the Czech Republic. Pray for Vojta as he leads the Prisoner’s Journey course at a new prison. Pray for Stacy as she discerns and steps into the various opportunities that God is leading her toward. Pray also for the upcoming Christmas program that they are helping to plan for the community. 

18 (Sun.) Thailand
Pray for Advance Global participant Bekka Zehr as she prepares to begin her outreach in Thailand. Pray for grace as she adjusts to the climate, language, and culture.

19 (Mon.) Thailand
Pray for Andre and Karen* as they continue to travel to villages and meet with churches, training and equipping them to in turn reach out to those in their villages and in surrounding villages. Pray that more Isaan believers will catch the vision and that church-planting movements will be ignited throughout northeast Thailand. 

20 (Tues.) Southeast Asia
Pray for a childcare/home school worker to serve alongside a family that is serving long-term with EMM.

21 (Wed.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Owen and Abby* as they wrap up their home leave and sabbatical and prepare to return to Southeast Asia. Pray for God’s continued direction for them and that travel restrictions will be lifted as they return in January. 

22 (Thurs.) Thailand
Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and join the team there.

23 (Fri.) Thailand
Pray for wisdom, stamina, and protection for Mark and Sarah Schoenhals and their team as they recruit, network, and pray into the vision to mobilize more church planting in Isaan. Pray for healthy cows and that good relationships will be built through the cow project. 

24 (Sat.) Costa Rica
Pray for Tanner Eshleman, who is wrapping up in the discipleship school with Vida Net. Pray for good connections with family and friends before beginning his outreach portion of the program.

25 (Sun.) U.S.
Praise the Lord for the translation work that is done through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Pray for the continued work of translation to bring God’s word to many people in their heart language.

26 (Mon.) U.S. 
Please pray for EMM’s Finance Team as they enter a busy and stressful season of the year.

27 (Tues.) U.S. 
Pray for Jennifer Weaver to connect well with supporters, congregations, and those who have a heart for France and its immigrants.

28 (Wed.) France
Pray for workers to join a developing team in Marseilles, France, to establish a witness and to reach out to the many immigrants in this city.

29 (Thurs.) Global
Pray for EMM’s workers around the world as they spend the holidays away from their families. Ask God for good connections with loved ones across the miles and for local friends with whom to celebrate. 

30 (Fri.) Global
Ask God to bring youth to be part of new short-term program opportunities like Kingdom Teams Global where they can experience overseas missions firsthand. 

31 (Sat.) U.S. 
Pray for Michael and Deborah Clancy as they continue to build relationships, mentor, and disciple men who are recovering from addictions or who have come out of incarceration. Pray for encouragement and perseverance when it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.