Investment Fund

Please read this information carefully as it outlines a major change to the Investment Fund as of April 19, 2024.

The EMM Investment Fund has served Eastern Mennonite Missions and its patrons well over many years since its inception. We have greatly valued the partnership between investors and EMM, which has given access to capital funds for churches and church agencies for nearly fifty years.

However, there comes a time when wisdom and discernment lead us to make a change. The EMM Board of Directors has decided to bring this specific ministry to an end.

This change is a result of a few trends and dynamics:

  • The purpose of the fund has drifted somewhat from its original purpose and now tends to operate in competition with banks and credit unions rather than as a service to those who may find loans hard to obtain.
  • The demographics of current investors continue to age while younger investors are quick to “shop around” and seek better returns on their investments.
  • The total amount of the fund has substantially decreased over the past decade which significantly reduces the financial benefit of operating the fund.
  • The regulations of running an investment fund (as determined by the Pennsylvania Security and Exchange Commission) increase the administrative demands and requirements to keep the fund operational.

Together, these changes have gradually moved us toward making the difficult decision to close the EMM Investment Fund over the next three years. To this end, after April 19, 2024, we will no longer offer new or renewed investment notes. 

If you currently have an investment note with EMM, your note will be paid out when the note is due for renewal. 

If you currently have a loan with EMM, nothing will change. EMM will continue to service the loan according to your loan agreement. 

Until further notice, no new loan applications will be accepted.

If you have any questions about this process or your investment account(s), please contact Steve Martin.