August 2023 Mission Intercessor

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1 (Tues.) U.S.

Pray for Michael Clancy as he interacts with Jubilee Ministries and the students of Lebanon Rescue Mission. Pray for him as he currently walks with three men. Pray for safety as he travels to Alabama to visit PIE (Partners in Evangelism). 

2 (Wed.) Southeast Asia

Ask God to provide an executive director for a transformational business in Southeast Asia. 

3 (Thurs.) Peru

Pray for Sarah Martin as she is preparing for a two-month mission internship to Peru this fall. 

4 (Fri.) Global

Join J.C. Ebersole in praising the Lord for providing an administrative director to assist with the work of All-Nations Association of Bible Schools (AABS) in the U.S. office. Continue to pray for the churches that AABS works with as they receive resources to help train their leaders. 

5 (Sat.) Thailand

Pray for Jeremy*, Jennifer*, and Jubilee* as they have said goodbye to Juniper* and Jude*, and as they settle back into their routines after a summer home leave. Pray for their relationships and for the ministries they are involved with. Pray for Jude as he transitions to life in Canada and being away from family. 

6 (Sun.) Global

Pray for young adults to apply for the Advance Global program, which takes place from September 2023 through May 2024.

7 (Mon.) Albania

Pray for Sonya Harnish and her team, as they are in the middle of summer camp season. Pray that God works by His Holy Spirit in the hearts of campers and staff who participate and serve at the camps this summer. Pray for wisdom and grace for Sonya as she trains others on her administrative and financial administration duties in preparation for her upcoming home leave and sabbatical. 

8 (Tues.) Cambodia

Pray for Advance Global participant Lena Kaufman as she is preparing for an eight-month assignment in Cambodia this fall. 

9 (Wed.) U.S. 

Pray for those who are completing their assignment and attending the reentry retreat August 10–13. Pray that God will meet them in their transitions and that they will receive tools to move forward into what is next.

10 (Thur.) U.S.

Pray for the Board of Directors to have safe travels to and from their meeting this weekend. Ask God to open their minds and hearts to hear Him as they guide EMM.

11 (Fri.) Chile

Pray for Mike and Nancy Hostetter as they walk with and disciple people as they discover God’s purpose for their lives and as they grow in relationship with Jesus. Pray for the continued development of the Christian retreat center. 

12 (Sat.) Peru

Pray for Steve and Beth Gibbs, LMC international partner delegates for Peru, as they travel from August 9–31 with two groups. Pray for safe travels for all: for those traveling, and for the Peruvian pastors, leaders, and members to be sensitive to hear the voice of the Lord and what He is saying at this time, and for obedient hearts for next steps. 

13 (Sun.) Southeast Asia

Pray for Will and Nina* as they encourage and work alongside the team at a business for transformation. Pray for the children in their schooling and relationships with those in their community. 

14 (Mon.) 

Pray for young adults to apply for the Advance Local program, which takes place from September 2023 through May 2024.

15 (Tues.) Costa Rica

Pray for continued strength for Wendell and Melanie Nofziger for the many events that take place this summer. Pray that the Holy Spirit would meet with each person who has participated. Pray for the family as they say goodbye to their grandparents, who have lived with them this past year. 

16 (Wed.) West Africa 

Pray for individuals and families to be called to the work of leadership development and church planting in West Africa.

17 (Thur.) North Africa

Praise the Lord for the opportunity A.* had to teach an art class to women. Pray that relationships can deepen with these women. Pray for open doors and invitations for A. & A.* to resource churches in cities that have Muslim immigrants. 

18 (Fri.) Kazakhstan

Ask God to encourage and protect the Muslim-background Kazakhs who have chosen to follow Jesus. Pray that they will begin to boldly share the gospel. 

19 (Sat.) Asia

Pray for Lea* as she is on home leave that she will find rest and renewal and have meaningful connections with family and friends. Pray for wisdom and discernment for her future. 

20 (Sun.) Chile

Pray for mission interns to join the work of camp ministry in Tenglo Island, Chile.

21 (Mon.) Thailand

Pray for Mark and Sarah Schoenhals and the girls as they transition back to their relationships and responsibilities in Thailand after their home leave in the U.S. Continue to pray into the vision to mobilize more church planting in Isaan.

22 (Tues.) Central Asia 

Pray for workers to live and serve among the Uzbek people of Central Asia. Only 0.03% (3 in 10,000) of the more than 30 million follow Jesus.

23 (Wed.) U.S.

Praise the Lord that Bible translations are being completed faster and more accurately than ever before, thanks to God’s provision of modern technology. Pray for Marty Sollenberger as he serves on the global technology and information services team with Wycliff. 

24 (Thur.) Cambodia

Pray for Advance Global participant Holly Hollenbach as she is preparing for an eight-month assignment in Cambodia this fall. 

25 (Fri.) U.S.

Praise the Lord for those who answered the call to work with youth ministry in the Nepali church. Pray that the Lord would use answered prayer to draw Binsa’s* friend to himself. Pray for continued unity among Nepali Christians.

26 (Sat.) U.S.

Give thanks for the volunteers who help make life at EMM run smoothly and who expand our impact on the world.

27 (Sun.) Wales, U.K.

Pray for Alan and Carol Wert who are a part of a missional community in Cardiff, as they strive to model a biblical lifestyle in a post-Christian culture. Pray for wisdom as they provide discipleship training with their church.

28 (Mon.) Thailand

Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and join the team there.

29 (Tues.)

Thank God for the way the Impact Fund allows EMM to recruit, train, send, coach, and care for our missionaries around the world. Ask God to release the money needed to sustain EMM in his work.

30 (Wed.) Cambodia

Ask the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the Khmer people from the tragedies brought by the Khmer Rouge, and that healing would lead to more followers of Jesus. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.