July 2022 Mission Intercessor

1 (Fri.) Cambodia
Pray for John and Debbie Coats as they disciple and mentor church leaders, develop and expand a children’s character development project in conjunction with the church, and provide oversight for a health program for tuberculosis patients.

2 (Sat.) Peru
Pray for an individual to be called to teach English at Promesa Mennonite School in Cusco, Peru, and be part of the growing church community there.

3 (Sun.) Global
Ask God to lead more young people to join an internship or short-term program to taste and experience missions.

4 (Mon.) Middle East
Pray for Jade* as she spends time in the U.S. this summer. Pray for refreshment and meaningful connections with family and friends.

5 (Tues.) Tanzania
Pray for Joe and Yvonne Garber as they serve as LMC international partner delegates to the Tanzania Mennonite Church. Pray for this church as they seek to enter new mission fields and develop leaders.

6 (Wed.) Thailand
Pray for a childcare/home school worker to serve alongside a family that is serving long-term with EMM.

7 (Thurs.) U.S.
Continue to pray for the production of the documentary “Unexpected Peace” and that the needed funds for this project will be raised. Pray for the relationships Jonathan Bornman has with Muslim American leaders.

8 (Fri.) Southeast Asia
Please continue to ask God to provide an executive director for a transformational business in Southeast Asia.

9 (Sat.) Romania
Pray for Phil and Linda Gottschalk as they prepare to move to Bucharest, Romania, in August. They will be working with Ukrainian refugees.

10 (Sun.) U.S.
Pray for Krista Martin as she leads the Kingdom Teams program this summer. Ask God to be especially present in the lives of each youth who participates.

11 (Mon.) Thailand
Pray for Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin and their family who are in the U.S. this summer. Pray that God would open up the right doors of connection as they would like to connect with the people who are being called by God to be involved in missions, especially in the Isaan region.

12 (Tues.) Global
Pray with us that many young adults would sign up for the Advance programs this fall.

13 (Wed.) Global
Pray for Leon and Naomi Zimmerman as they provide theological teaching, leadership development, and encouragement to EMM’s global churches and movements.

14 (Thurs.) Global
Ask God to put it on the hearts of young adults to be part of the Advance program this fall to grow in discipleship and get involved in local cross-cultural discipleship.

15 (Fri.) Cambodia
Pray for Kandace Glenn as she begins her home leave in July. Pray for good connections while she is stateside and that her fundraising process would go well.

16 (Sat.) U.S.
Give thanks for those who have responded to the mid-year appeal supporting the Impact Fund.

17 (Sun.) U.S.
Pray for the workers and their children who are attending Oasis this week (July 17–22), that they will be refreshed. Pray for those who are leading the adults and the children.

18 (Mon.) Germany
Ask God to continue to lead and guide the current and former EMM interns who are reaching their own people who have come to Europe as refugees.

19 (Tues.) Czech Republic
Pray for Jan Heindel as she is in the U.S. for the summer. Pray for strength and refreshment as she shares in churches and spends time with family and friends.

20 (Wed.) U.S.
Pray for insight and discernment as we consider how to best engage young adults in mission, both locally and abroad.

21 (Thurs.) Belize
Pray for Tim and Julie Groff as they identify, disciple, and release the next generation of leaders among the Garifuna people in the southern part of Belize. Pray for their oldest son, TJ, who has moved and is transitioning to life in the U.S.

22 (Fri.) U.S.
Pray for the Kingdom Team staff as they finish up the summer program over the next week. Ask for wisdom for the staff for their next steps in service to God.

23 (Sat.) Global
Pray for William Higgins as he is teaching the Gospel of Mark to the Vietnamese Mennonite Church via zoom. Bishop Tuyen Nguyen is hosting and translating for him.

24 (Sun.) Chile
Pray for a creative person to be called to the role of Christian camp developer on Tenglo Island, Chile.

25 (Mon.) Costa Rica
Pray for Austin Zuercher as he serves with VidaNet, leading the community outreach programs. He also plans and leads the short-term mission teams that come through the ministry. Pray for him and his fiancée as they plan for their upcoming wedding in August.

26 (Tues.) Global
Give thanks for the churches that seek to live out the call to follow Jesus, to grow in their own discipleship, and to witness to Christ’s love for their neighbors and the world.

27 (Wed.) East Africa
Pray for Samson* as he transitions into his new role as catalytic coach for East Africa. Pray for wisdom as he works with EMM partners to develop strategy for missional training and sending of East Africans.

28 (Thurs.) Czech Republic
Agree with us in prayer for God to raise up a church planting team member to join the work in the Czech Republic.

29 (Fri.) Central Asia
Pray for Elam and Francesca* as they continue to discern and prepare for a long-term assignment.

30 (Sat.) Chile
Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve in Tenglo Island, Chile. Ask God to bring about divine appointments with new friends and people they meet as opportunities to share about him.

31 (Sun.) Global
Join us in praying for God to call workers to serve in four global regions on which we’re focusing: Central Asia, Central Europe, Southeast Asia, and West Africa.

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.