July 2023 Mission Intercessor

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1 (Sat.) Global

Pray for safety as Jonathan Bornman travels to attend speaking engagements in various locations. Pray for the continued work of editing the Indonesian portion of the Unexpected Peace documentary. 

2 (Sun.) West Africa

Pray for individuals and families to be called to the work of leadership development and church planting in West Africa.

3 (Mon.) U.S. 

Pray for Krista Martin, Torrance Moore, Cynthia Muaka, and Emily Watkins as they lead Kingdom Team programs this summer; ask God to supply all they need.

4 (Tues.) Cambodia

Pray for open hearts as Kandace Glenn and her roommate have Bible studies with their neighbors. Pray also that God would provide a new affordable place for Kandace and her roommate to live. 

5 (Wed.) Romania

Praise the Lord for the funds that have come in to support humanitarian aid being given to Ukranian refugees. Pray for Phil and Linda Gottschalk as they continue to help as needed and that they may represent the love and hope of Jesus. 

6 (Thurs.) Global

Pray for young adults to apply for the Advance Global program, which takes place from September 2023 through May 2024.

7 (Fri.) U.S.

Pray for Tim and Julie Groff and their family as they are in the U.S. on home leave. Pray for meaningful connections with family and friends and times of renewal and refreshment. Pray for safety in travel as they visit churches. 

8 (Sat.) Thailand

Pray that God would embolden the believers of Life Enrichment Church and that they would renew their passion for evangelism.

9 (Sun.) Czech Republic

Join Jan Heindel in praying for the youth camp and English camp that she is helping with at the beginning of August. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who come to be receptive to the gospel and that those who are already believers will be drawn closer. Also, pray for the church plant in a town outside of Prague that Jan will be involved with starting in September. 

10 (Mon.) Global

Pray for God to empower and refresh members of the Mission Team as they have a busy summer of worker training and retreats, as well as Kingdom Teams.

11 (Tues.) Global

Pray for William Higgins as he prepares to teach at the Mennonite College in Kenya in August. Pray for safety as he travels. Pray also for him and the Anabaptist Curriculum Group as they work to develop discipleship curricula that can be used both in the U.S. and internationally. 

12 (Wed.) Costa Rica

Pray for Daryl, Jen, Jedidiah, and Adam Hoover as they come to the U.S. for a short visit. Pray for safety in travel and for refreshment and meaningful connections with family and friends. Pray for their son Micah and for direction for his future. 

13 (Thurs.) Thailand

Pray for Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin as they meet with a couple experiencing marital issues. Pray for hope to awaken faith in God’s power and the will to change. Pray for Steve and Bethany, and their family as they relocate to Bangkok this summer. Pray for this transition and for new friendships to develop quickly.

14 (Fri.) U.S.

Pray for young adults to apply for the Advance Local program, a discipleship program that will take place from September to May.

15 (Sat.) Central Asia

Pray for Evan and Faith* as they continue to plan and prepare for their assignment. 

16 (Sun.) Central Asia

Pray for workers to live and serve among the Uzbek people of Central Asia. Only 0.03% (3 in 10,000) of the more than 30 million Uzbeks follow Jesus.

17 (Mon.) U.S.

Pray for those who are currently attending the Oasis retreat at Black Rock Retreat Center. The theme this year is discerning the voice of God. Pray also for the children and their teachers.

18 (Tues.) U.S.

Pray for the youth groups participating in Kingdom teams this summer. Ask God to grow the seeds that are planted for a Kingdom vision of discipleship. 

19 (Wed.) Czech Republic

Pray for God to soften the hearts of Czechs to be open to the gospel.

20 (Thurs.) Chile

Pray for mission interns to join the work of camp ministry in Tenglo Island, Chile.

21 (Fri.) Thailand

Praise the Lord for the exciting things happening in Issan: baptisms, training new leaders, evangelism, and discipleship. Ask God to continue to ignite church planting movements and for additional workers to join in what God is doing. 

22 (Sat.) Thailand

Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and to join the team there.

23 (Sun.) Central Asia

Pray for Elizabeth* that she can continue to be the light of Jesus to all those she interacts with. Pray that hearts would be open to hear the good news and respond. 

24 (Mon.) Belize

Pray for Bill and Judy Houser as they relate to the Belize Evangelical Mennonite Church as LMC international partner delegates. Pray for them as they support and encourage church leaders.

25 (Tues.) Germany

Pray with Darrel and Miriam* that as they encourage others, many seeds of faith would grow. Pray also for immigrants they work with, who come from persecuted churches around the world, that they would have hope and strength. Pray for unity in Jesus for the local churches. 

26 (Wed.) 

Thank God for the churches and individuals who give to ministries of EMM. Pray for God to continue to motivate people to give to sustain and grow the work.

27 (Thurs.) Global

Pray for Leon and Naomi Zimmerman as they lead EMM’s marriage initiative in the hopes of strengthening marriages both internationally and in the U.S. They incorporate both virtual teachings and in-person visits. They hope to teach, mentor, and train couples who can, in turn, help others in their local setting. 

28 (Fri.) Czech Republic

Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic.

29 (Sat.) U.S.

Pray for the ministry at Hub 450 to continue well in service to new neighbors in Lancaster, P.a., during the upcoming leadership transition. Pray also for the startup process for the new café to establish a sustainable business that benefits the community.

30 (Sun.) U.S. 

Pray for the young adults preparing to participate in Advance Global this fall. Ask God to provide the support they need.

31 (Mon.) Cambodia

Pray for John and Debbie Coats as they serve in Cambodia. Pray for John as he oversees an after-school children’s program in several villages. Pray for guidance as he teaches and disciples local Christian leaders. Pray for wisdom for Debbie as she sees patients who have not been able to get help elsewhere. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.