March 2023 Mission Intercessor

1 (Wed.) Cambodia
Pray for John and Debbie Coats as they transition back to Cambodia after a home leave in the U.S. Pray for creativity and wisdom for John as he continues to develop a recycling program. Debbie has developed a curriculum to help people find freedom from idolatry and addiction. Pray for God’s protection and that he will mightly use this curriculum. 

2 (Thurs.) Thailand
Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and join the team there.

3 (Fri.) Germany
Pray for Tyler and Christiana Auker as they wrap up their time in Halle, Germany. Ask God to help them discern what He is calling them to in the next season of life. 

4 (Sat.) U.S.
Pray for Angie Earl as she volunteers with the Christian Muslim Relations Team. Pray for deepening of relationships that Angie has developed with those of other faiths. Pray for boldness to share of her hope in Christ. 

5 (Sun.) Belize
Pray for Tim and Julie Groff and their family, as they will be in the U.S. for several months. This time will include home leave and a sabbatical. Pray for both rest and refreshment, as well as good connections with family and supporters. 

6 (Mon.) U.S.
Pray for those who are participating in the Kairos mission training throughout this month. Pray that they will hear from God and be open to how they might be called to serve.   

7 (Tues.) Cambodia
Pray for Kandace Glenn as she continues to learn the Khmer language. Pray for her and her roommates as they minister to their neighbors through social interactions as well as Bible studies. Ask the Lord to draw people to himself.  

8 (Wed.) Indonesia
Pray for the handful of Christian believers among the Madurese people that they will abide in Christ, zealously serve him, and live in the power of His Spirit. 

9 (Thurs.) Albania
Pray for God’s direction and peace as Sonya Harnish processes and discerns things related to the next few years. Pray that she would have ears to hear and a heart that is open to the Lord to hear from and trust Him even when things might not be fully clear. 

10 (Fri.) Global
Praise God for the growth of the church around the world, and ask Him to guide EMM in partnerships for missions to people who do not have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

11 (Sat.) Global
Pray for William Higgins, who is currently in Vietnam teaching. He and his wife, Stacey, will be there until March 25. Pray for wisdom as he helps to develop discipleship curriculum that will be used with EMM’s international partner churches.  

12 (Sun.) Southeast Asia
Join Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin in praising the Lord for reconciliation and healing that has taken place in the church community. Pray for more healing conversations and growth in their community in the area of emotional and family well-being. Pray also for spiritual protection and maturity for new believers. 

13 (Mon.) Costa Rica
Join us in prayer for Daryl and Jen Hoover and their sons as they serve in Costa Rica. Pray for the teams from VidaNet in their outreach locations and specifically for Micah as he leads his team. Pray for Joseph in a challenging semester of college and for friendships for Jedidiah in school. Ask the Lord to help Adam bring the light of Jesus to his friends.

14 (Tues.) Global
Pray for Gen Z, as they consider how to best engage the world in missions, both locally and abroad. 

15 (Wed.) Central Asia
Pray for Evan and Faith* as they continue to plan and prepare for their assignment. Pray for God to bring together those who should be on their Mission Support Team. 

16 (Thurs.) Chile
Pray for the women who will participate in a Sister Care Retreat on Island Tenglo, March 17–19. The hosts, Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen are hoping to have 30 women who will travel from different regions in Chile.

17 (Fri.) Germany
Pray for Eric* as he begins working at an after-school program in a neighborhood school. Pray for favor with coworkers and the kids. Pray for wisdom and open doors for new prayer partners to join Janelle* in intercession for their city of Halle and the country of Germany. 

18 (Sat.) Chile
Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve on Tenglo Island. Thank God for their willingness to jump in and provide leadership to potential short-term teams in the area. Ask God to expand their heart for the ministry they provide. 

19 (Sun.) Global
Pray for those who are discerning whether or not to join the group of International Partner Delegates with LMC. 

20 (Mon.) U.S.
Pray for young adults to serve as Kingdom Team staff, locally, in Pennsylvania this summer.

21 (Tues.) Costa Rica
Pray for wisdom for Wendell and Melanie Nofziger in their roles as directors of VidaNet. Pray for their children in school and in their relationships.

22 (Wed.) Czech Republic
Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic.

23 (Thurs.) Czech Republic
Pray for Stacy and Vojta Prknovi as they have purchased a house and will transition to a new neighborhood and develop relationships in their community. Pray that Stacy can be a witness for Jesus in the Moms and Tots club that she and Viki attend. Continue to pray for Vojta in his prison ministry. 

24 (Fri.) Southeast Asia
Pray that the Christian believers among the Lao would fellowship together faithfully and nurture true teachings about the faith.

25 (Sat.) Southeast Asia
Pray for Timothy and Madison* as they continue to live and serve alongside the team of a business for transformation. Pray for relationships to deepen and that their lives will be a witness to Christ. 

26 (Sun.) Global
Give thanks for the many individuals, businesses, and churches that provide financial support for EMM workers, enabling them to make disciples of Jesus around the world.

27 (Mon.) Global
Pray for Leon and Naomi Zimmerman as they provide theological teaching, leadership development, and encouragement to EMM’s global churches and movements.

28 (Tues.) West Africa
Pray for individuals and families to be called to the work of leadership development and church planting in West Africa.

29 (Wed.) U.S. 
Pray for the Leadership Team as they discern God’s plans for EMM in this next year. Ask God to give them clarity and unity for communicating the vision and guiding the organization.

30 (Thurs.) Thailand
Pray for Advance Global participant Bekka Zehr, as she serves in Thailand. Ask God to deepen her relationships for opportunities to share about him. 

31 (Fri.) Germany
Pray for strength and hope for immigrant members of persecuted churches who Darrel and Miriam* minister to. Pray also for financial provision for the local church and the fundraising effort for a new roof. Pray for God’s provision in all areas for the Weaver family. 

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.