October 2022 Mission Intercessor

1 (Sat.) West Africa

Pray for Mike Baker as he works with the leaders of the Mennonite Church of West Africa. Pray that God would raise up a team to serve there. 

2 (Sun.) Czech Republic

Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic. 

3 (Mon.) U.S. 

Pray for the interns of Hub450, that they would get more of God’s heart for those they work with and be a blessing to the community.  

4 (Tues.) Hong Kong 

Pray for Glenn and June Kauffman as they relate to the local conference of Mennonite churches in Hong Kong. Pray that the churches will be encouraged as they reach out to those in their communities. 

5 (Wed.) Guatemala 

Pray for Allen Eshelman in his role as International Partner Delegate relating to the Kʼekchiʼ Mennonite Church in Guatemala. 

6 (Thurs.) U.S.

Pray for the outreach efforts of EMM staff and alumni as they visit two schools this week: Rosedale Bible College and Eastern Mennonite University. 

7 (Fri.) Romania 

Pray for Phil and Linda Gottschalk as they minister to Ukrainian refugees alongside the local churches. Pray for meaningful relationships and continued adjustments to their new home and assignment. 

8 (Sat.) Chile 

Pray for Aaron and Katarina Miller as they serve on Tenglo Island. Ask God to deepen their relationships and for opportunities to share about Him. 

9 (Sun.) U.S. 

Pray for Michael and Deborah Clancy as they reach out to those who are returning from incarceration. It is Michael’s deepest desire to come alongside men, supporting his community through social relationships and mentoring, and also by networking among ministries and city services. 

10 (Mon.) U.S. 

Pray that the banquets would be inspiring times of connecting, sharing stories, and discerning engagement with God’s kingdom work. Please also pray that it would be a significant fundraising event for the Impact Fund. 

11 (Tues.) Middle East

Pray for the peacemaking conference being held this fall that God would continue to draw Messianic Jews and Arabic Christians into relationship. Pray for Michael and Laura* as they continue to mentor leaders of house churches.

12 (Wed.) Costa Rica 

Pray for Advance Global participant Bekka Zehr as she engages in the discipleship school with Vida Net in preparation for her outreach in Thailand. Ask God to expand her heart to see Him glorified in the Nations.

13 (Thurs.) U.S. 

Pray for Michael and Ruthy* as they minister with the Christian-Muslim Relations team and work to equip others for fruitful and life-giving relationships with Muslims. Pray that their gifts and experience can help the CMRT continue to grow in prayer and equipping others in prayer as a vital part of mission.

14 (Fri.) Southeast Asia

Pray for a childcare/home school worker to serve alongside a family that is serving long-term with EMM. 

15 (Sat.) Chile 

Pray for Mike and Nancy Hostetter as they are involved in a variety of dynamic friendships and discipling relationships in which they seek to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives as they grow in relationship with Jesus.

16 (Sun.) Southeast Asia

Please continue to ask God to provide an executive director for a transformational business in Southeast Asia. 

17 (Mon.) Spain

Pray for Paula* as she encourages and equips others to walk alongside those in conflict and trauma. Pray for renewal and refreshment for her and for safety in travel.

18 (Tues.) U.S.

Ask God to provide EMM staff with connections to young adults who feel called to missions.

19 (Wed.) North Africa 

Andrés and Angélica* ask that God will give them sensitivity in this time of sowing to how the Holy Spirit wants to lead them and exalt Jesus in each of their relationships and interactions.

20 (Thurs.) Wales

Pray for young adults with a heart for community development to be called to participate in the Going Public internship in Wales. 

21 (Fri) Central Asia 

Pray for Alexander and Maria* as October will be a busy season buying yak from shepherds. Pray that they would be able to deepen those relationships for more opportunities to share the good news. Pray also for the boys as they transition back to school and for good friendships and growing in their faith.

22 (Sat.) Chile

Pray for a creative person to be called to the role of Christian camp developer on Tenglo Island, Chile.

23 (Sun.) Africa 

Pray for Peter and Christy* and their children as they adjust and settle into their new location: work, school, and community. Their initial visas are set to expire at the end of October, pray for open doors at all the right offices for them to acquire the resident permits and visas that are needed to remain where they are living.

24 (Mon.) Thailand 

Pray for intern Emily Roskowski as she travels to Thailand to explore the possibility of long-term service. 

25 (Tues.) U.S. 

Pray for Binsa* as she relates to persons from other faiths. Pray for open doors to share the good news with them. Binsa is also in need of a good reliable vehicle.

26 (Wed.) U.S. 

Thank God for EMM’s Advancement team! Pray that they feel God’s joy as they do their work of communicating stories of God’s transforming love through the work of EMM.

27 (Thurs.) France 

Pray that God would prepare the way for Jennifer Weaver to connect well with a local church and find people of peace to disciple.

28 (Fri.) Thailand

Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and to join the team there. 

29 (Sat.) U.S.

Thank God for the healing ministries happening in Hub 450, and ask God to bless Manager Deb Muenstermann and the interns assisting with the work.

30 (Sun.) U.S. 

Pray for the development of new short-term program opportunities for youth to experience overseas missions.

31 (Mon.) Costa Rica 

Pray for Austin Zuercher and his wife Griselda as they adjust to marriage. Pray also for them as they are currently living and serving with a missionary family in Spain. Pray for God’s direction for their lives as a couple.

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.