Church planting team member | Czech Republic

Every EMM worker’s primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Every EMM worker’s primary focus is to make disciples of Jesus. Join an international church planting team in a village on the outskirts of Prague.

Regional vision
Workers who long to see the kingdom of God flourish in this region will come to East/Central Europe and invest in relationships, realizing they may not see fruit for some time. As people in the region connect with Jesus and churches begin to grow, Christians will have a life-giving impact on this area.

If you love to serve Jesus and invest in people, this opportunity is for you! The church planting team member will work with local believers to plant a church in a village outside Prague. This will include building relationships with people in the village and integrating into community life. The worker will also devote time to prayer and intercession, discerning how God is at work in the area and how the team can join in. The assignment may involve networking and/or relationship-building activities such as teaching English.

The Czech Republic is a relatively stable country with a wide variety of products and modern conveniences comparable to those of many Western countries. There is a strong culture of independence, and education is highly valued. Czech people can be very skeptical of outsiders and reluctant to establish new relationships, but once friendships have been made, Czechs are very loyal. The religious environment is strongly atheist — a residual effect of the former Communist system — with a minority of Catholics and even fewer evangelicals.

This assignment is located outside of Prague, the beautiful and richly historic capital of the Czech Republic and a top tourist destination. Prague is accessible by public transport from the village location of the assignment.

Supervisors and colleagues
The church planting team member will be part of the EMM team supervised by Regional Representative Stacy Prknová. This worker will function daily alongside Czech individuals or couples on a church-planting team. The worker will also receive coaching from a leader in the Czech Brethren church. 

Skills and experience
Applicants must be strongly committed to Jesus, self-aware in regards to personal strengths and weaknesses, compassionate, and respectful of authority. Higher education is not required.