Executive director of operations | Southeast Asia

Seeking an Executive Director for a B4T (Business for Transformation) that is fully integrated in manufacturing, production, quality, sales and marketing. The director has direct reports who are managers from all the departments of a diverse and dynamic staff.


  • Lead day-to-day operations into alignment with the big-picture mission and vision.
  • Transform the lives of customers and employees through providing best quality products and services and building the sustainability and leadership capacity of the business.
  • Encourage the community programs and work with volunteers to add value to the lives of families and children in the area.


  • Business education and experience
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to manage change, and to thrive in a cross-cultural and developing environment
  • Willingness to work towards acquiring the language and to develop connections with the local culture and community
  • Commitment to the core values of financial sustainability, positive social outcomes, environmental responsibility, and spiritual transformation

This service opportunity is based in a sensitive location.