Kingdom Teams

experience cross-cultural mission in your own backyard.

Would your youth group [middle school or high school]
like to partner with EMM to spend one week in the summer
growing as kingdom people doing kingdom work?

You don’t have to fly halfway around the world! Join us in… 

What are K-teams?

experience times of being & becoming…
Each day includes space and tools to nurture our individual and collective connection with Christ through reading God’s word, worshipping, interactive discipleship teaching, prayer, and small group sharing.

intertwined with times of doing & serving…
Each day also includes opportunities to build the Kingdom of God in tangible ways through children’s ministry, prayer walks, and service projects.

This summer, experience a deeper life in the Kingdom of God

"I loved the way the teachings connected so directly with what we were doing during the day!"
2021 K-team youth
"God really works when we allow Him to. I saw God move everyday because He is so willing for those who invite Him."
2021 K-team youth
"It was so special to have an organized time to meet Lancaster refugees, especially ones that were the same age as many of the youth on this trip. I also appreciated the unique sessions that kept the students (and leaders) engaged!"
2021 K-team youth leader


What does it cost?

The cost is $350 per participant (youth and leaders). Upon registration there is a $350 non-refundable deposit, this is counted towards the total cost. This cost covers room and board for the week, a T-shirt, supplies, and helps to offset administrative costs for the program.

How many can participate in a week?

We can best accommodate up to a total of 30 people. We ask for 1 adult leader to accompany your group for every 6 youth. If your group has less than 15 participants, we may consider joining your group with another group.

Can I reserve a particular week for my youth group?

In order to save your week you must first complete the Google Form application (applications are processed on a “first come, first-served” basis) and submit the $350 non-refundable deposit within 14 days after receiving your confirmation email. This deposit secures your dates and commits your group to that slot. If we don’t receive your deposit within 14 days of your group’s confirmation letter, we will reopen that slot to other waiting groups. You will be notified when we receive your deposit so that you know your week is reserved.

When does it start and end?

Generally, the experience begins Monday morning and wraps up Friday afternoon. Exact start and end times vary a bit depending on the location. There can be some flexibility based on your group’s needs.


No, we don’t have a firm deadline. Our weeks often fill up quickly (the winter before). We’ll update our website as weeks are filled. We do ask that we receive a finalized group roster and all necessary paperwork by the beginning of May to help us adequately plan and prepare for the summer.

Who is it for?

K-Teams are primarily for middle school or high school youth groups. 

What do I have to plan?

We will take care of the bulk of the logistics and preparatory planning for the week. We just ask two simple things of you; provide adequate transportation for your group to and from our host site and prepare some activities and supplies for the kids you will be working with during outreach (don’t worry- we’ll send you more information along the way and coach you through the process).

Ready to apply?