Pioneer Church Planting | Thailand

Do you love the adventure of sharing Christ cross-culturally? Long to make disciples among the least reached peoples of the 10/40 window? Want a front row seat to the Holy Spirit igniting a people movement that is contextualized, sustainable, and empowers local leadership? Come join the EMM team in Thailand!

Regional vision

Uthumphon Phisai is one of the least reached districts in an area of the world that has virtually no Christian witness. A veteran missionary couple seek to mentor new workers in evangelism and discipleship to see networks of contextualized house churches with empowered indigenous leaders bring meaningful Christian witness to the region and beyond.


  • Recruit a sending team and raise support. 
  • Catalyze prayer and connection with a sending base.
  • Immerse yourself in Thai language and culture by enjoying local foods, forming Thai friendships, and studying Thai language.
  • Walk under authority and receive discipleship as a member of a team.
  • Cultivate life rhythms of worship, work, and rest to sustain thriving long-term ministry in an isolated setting.
  • Be mentored in evangelism and discipleship through praxis and strategy.
  • Receive training and master various discipleship tools.
  • Pray for the in-breaking of God’s kingdom in Thailand.
  • Invest in the long-haul.


Uthomphon is a district on the expansive Isaan plateau, a region of Thailand known for its rice fields, fermented fish, and resilient people. This medium-sized town is about a half hour from Sisaket, the provincial capital, and about an hour and a half from Ubon, a large city in the neighboring province. Bangkok is a day’s drive or a short flight away. While not many foreigners live in Isaan, there is easy access to foreign foods and modern amenities. Take a short ride out of town, and the agricultural surroundings are brimming with villages where the working generation is branching out into livelihoods beyond subsistence farming and hunting and gathering. Isaan dialect, local flavor, and exotic foods abound! 

The climate is hot with temperatures rarely dipping below 80 degrees. Six months of the year, one can expect frequent rain and lush vegetation, but the other half of the year is dry. A short cooler season around the turn of the year punctuates the otherwise constant humidity and heat.

Thai people are Buddhist, animistic, and nationalistic. The three pillars of civic society are the monarchy, the military, and religion. Thailand is one of the most collectivist cultures in the world: valuing harmony, hierarchy, and respect. To be Thai is to be Buddhist, and Christianity is seen as the religion of the Western world. This belief, along with the cultural value of conformity, has hampered the Thai response to the gospel. Living here invites us to reassess our own worldview, and is a fascinating place to examine how Christ encounters and transforms this unique context.

Supervisors and colleagues

Live and minister alongside veteran missionary teammates. Engage in broader regional team life under the guidance of team leaders. Receive support, accountability and direction from the regional representatives for Southeast Asia.

Skills and experience

Applicants must be mature followers of Jesus, committed to prayer and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading. As a lifelong learner, they must be able to receive instruction, laugh off cultural blunders, endure a long “on ramp” of language and cultural learning and be accountable as a part of a team. This person should have high internal motivation to connect with people and share the good news. This person will value local culture and will seek to live out Christian discipleship in a way that translates to the rural Thai context. Gifting in evangelism, previous cross-cultural experience, or degree or certificate of biblical studies preferred.