About our team

Jonathan Bornman

Jonathan Bornman served with his family in Senegal from 1999-2009 as a Bible teacher. Prior to that, he served in Burkina Faso (1991-94) developing water resources. Jonathan and his wife, Carol, enjoy sharing hospitality with their Muslim friends at home and abroad. His expertise includes nonviolence in Islam, Sufi Islam, missiology, and Christian-Muslim encounters. Jonathan works to build bridges that connect people, and enable them to participate in Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation. He also has his PhD from Middlesex University (Social Anthropology).

Angie Earl

Angie Earl served in Indonesia from 2009–14, teaching in Christian and Muslim university settings and mentoring Christians to express Jesus’ love for everyone. She has helped equip young people to follow Jesus in learning to understand and befriend people of other cultures, sharing the hope found in Him. She and her husband enjoy welcoming refugees and immigrants from various backgrounds and encouraging others in such hospitality and witness.

Michael and Ruth H.

Michael and Ruth H. serve as members of the Christian Muslim Relations Team, having served previously for nearly 10 years in South Asia. During this time they lived and worked in a Muslim community. This deep background experience is critical to understanding Muslims and gives them something to draw upon as they equip others for fruitful and life-giving relationships with Muslims. During those years in South Asia, they were devoted to prayer as one of their primary ministry functions. Their gifts and experience help the CMRT continue to grow in prayer and equipping others in prayer as a vital part of mission.

Andres Prins

Andres Prins has traveled, studied, and worked in various North African and Middle Eastern countries over the last 35 years. In 1988, he and his wife were commissioned by Mennonite churches in South America to serve Christ as teachers in Muslim societies, seeking to engage in hospitality, dialogue, witness, and peacemaking. Since 2012, they have resided in Lancaster, Pa. They feel deep gratitude to God for the many lives they have seen Him beautify and transform!

Peter Sensenig

Peter Sensenig served with EMM in Zanzibar, Tanzania from 2015-2020. He has taught peace building in Tanzania, Somaliland, U.S., and other places. He has a PhD in Christian ethics from Fuller Theological Seminary and is the author of Peace Clan: Mennonite Peacemaking in Somalia. Along with his wife Christy and their three children, he is beginning an assignment with EMM and Mennonite Mission Network in France and West Africa.

Our witness-bearing commitment

In obedience to Jesus’ command to be witnesses of the gospel among all nations (Matthew 28:18-20) and to the apostolic exhortation to commend Christ with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:8-17), we seek to bear witness to the good news of salvation, forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation offered by God in Jesus the Messiah. He is Himself the presence of the kingdom of God, freely inviting everyone to participate with all other believers (now and eternally) in the abundant new life of His kingdom. Therefore we desire to share in ways that are faithful to the following commitments:

  1. To reflect and honor the spirit and values of the Messiah.
  2. To be true to the gospel as revealed in the biblical Scriptures.
  3. To communicate God’s deep love for all.
  4. To depend on God’s Holy Spirit to reveal truth and transform lives.
  5. To reject the use of all forms of violence, imperialism, bribery, intimidation, coercion, vilification, misrepresentation, and deceit.
  6. To pursue peace, dialogue, and mutual understanding.
  7. To listen and respond carefully to the questions, objections, and witness others may have for us.
  8. To be honest and sincere and willing to suffer for the sake of justice and the truth.
  9. To be respectful of people of other cultures, languages, and faiths.
  10. To be ready to sacrifice for the well-being of our fellow humans.
  11. To seek to build up the local and worldwide church or Body of Christ.
  12. To take seriously the unique value of each person, language, and culture.
  13. To respect the governing authorities.
  14. To hold parents, children, and family life in high esteem.
  15. To fully recognize each person’s dignity and freedom of choice.

If anyone sees any of us not living up to these commitments, please let us know so that we may prayerfully consider the concern, as we seek to be faithful servants of God.

Peacemakers Confessing Christ International

Peacemakers Confessing Christ International (PCCI) is a network of partners from many nations with a particular focus on Christian-Muslim relationships.

PCCI was originally conceived during a prayer meeting in 2013, when the idea came to create a network of persons who had been shaped in some way by the itinerant ministry of David and Grace Shenk.