An unexpected opportunity

Paun (second from left) reading Acts 17 outside the Temple of Luang Pu Suang in Si Sa Ket, Thailand. 

 Approaching the Temple of Luang Pu Suang, the glorified mummified monk, I pulled the car over to the side of the road. I turned to one of my trainees, Mr. Lert, and asked, “Mr. Lert, could you read Acts 17:24-31 for us?” 

We should not think that God is like an image made by human design and skill … now he commands people everywhere to repent … he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof to this by raising him from the dead. 

We engaged in a discussion about the passage as we approached the parking area. To our surprise, we spotted a shop owner whom we had met and shared with the previous week. She was busy arranging lottery tickets for the next day’s sale but kindly let us know that she could spare a moment to listen. 

Paun opened his Bible to the same passage and began to read aloud. At that very moment, a man appeared at the shop and listened attentively. 

As soon as Paun finished reading, the man spoke up. “I am a DJ. Would you be willing to come on a Saturday or Sunday and read that over my loudspeaker system? It won’t cost you anything.” 

We were astounded by the unexpected opportunity. Could this be the work of God? Without hesitation, we accepted the invitation. 

On the following Sunday afternoon, Paun and I were joined by a couple from our newest church. We located the DJ, who was blaring music and making announcements through his loudspeaker system in front of his amulet shop. 

As we approached him, he immediately announced to everyone that we were there to deliver a message and handed the microphone to Paun. 

Paun read the selected passage, and then I delivered a brief message, passing the microphone to the next person to share their testimony. 

We also extended an invitation to those in the audience who needed healing to come forward. In a remarkable moment, a man sprinted across the parking lot and took a seat in the chair we had placed before us. We laid our hands on him and prayed for Jesus to heal him. To our sheer delight, he immediately lifted his left arm, filled with excitement. 

“It works! I couldn’t do this before! It works! How did you do that?” the man exclaimed. 

Soon after, we found ourselves ministering to his entire family. Mr. Det and his family own a shop that sells rooster images and kites, intended for offerings to the embalmed monk who is enshrined in the temple. 

Recently, after completing the third lesson of a discipleship course, Mr. Det professed faith in Jesus, even removing his Luang Pu Suang amulet from around his neck as proof of his commitment. 

He and his daughter intend to undergo baptism as soon as his skin wound heals. We are immensely grateful for your prayers, which have allowed us to witness God being glorified through Mr. Det’s healing. Please continue to join us in prayer for God to extend His hand for more healings and signs and wonders which can open doors for the reception of the gospel. 

Andre Provost, and his wife, Karen, serve with EMM and Globe in Thailand. 


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