January 2023 Mission Intercessor

1 (Sun.) Belize

Pray for the local church leaders as they continue to develop a mission and vision. Pray for Tim and Julie Groff as they walk alongside the younger leaders and for these leaders as they grow into their roles. 

2 (Mon.) Thailand

Pray for God to call pioneer church planters into the harvest field of Thailand and join the team there.

3 (Tues.) Thailand

Pray for Advance Global participant Bekka Zehr as she continues to adjust to the climate, language, and culture of Thailand.

4 (Wed.) Cambodia

Pray for Kandace Glenn as she mentors and disciples young people and helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Pray for her physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

5 (Thurs.) Hong Kong

Pray for Glenn and June Kauffman as they relate to the Hong Kong Mennonite Church as LMC international partner delegates. Pray that they would be able to be a source of encouragement and support as the church navigates a difficult political climate.

6 (Fri.) U.S. & Global

In 2023, we will have Kingdom Teams Local and Global. Pray for youth and young adults to respond to God’s call to serve as both participants and staff.

7 (Sat.) East Asia

Pray for wisdom for Lea* as she reaches out to the teachers she works with. Pray for those who are choosing to follow Christ to have the courage to stay strong in their faith despite the challenges they face. 

8 (Sun.) Czech Republic

Pray for the softening of Czech hearts and an openness to the gospel in this country with less than 1 percent of the population being evangelical Christians.

9 (Mon.) South Asia

Pray for Clara* as she ministers with her husband in pioneer witness and intercession. Pray that God continues to reveal and draw people to himself.

10 (Tues.) U.S.

Lift up EMM’s Mission Team in prayer as they gather with other Anabaptist mission agencies in North America for the Council of International Ministries. Thank God for like-minded partners and ask Him for good relationships to develop.

11 (Wed.) Germany

Pray for continued spiritual protection and physical health for Darrell and Miriam* and their girls. Praise the Lord with them that Jesus is drawing in new believers. Pray for growth towards Jesus for them. 

12 (Thurs.) Netherlands

Pray for Bob and Miriam Phillips as they serve both with Crossroads The Hague church as well as with Serge Global. Pray for them as they work in leadership development, evangelism training, and arts outreach with Serge’s international teams.

13 (Fri.) North Africa  

Please pray for young people to be inspired and transformed by a calling to follow Jesus completely as disciples who make disciples and are willing to consider serving in places where few have even heard the name of Jesus.  

14 (Sat.) Costa Rica

Pray for Tanner Eshleman as he begins the outreach portion of the Vida220 discipleship program. Pray that he builds strong connections with those he ministers to. 

15 (Sun.) Chile

Pray for Michael and Nancy Hostetter as they mentor businessmen and women who seek to conduct their businesses in Christ-like ways. Pray also for wisdom as they give guidance to local Chileans who are planting and leading house churches.

16 (Mon.) Czech Republic

Join us in praying that God might send workers to be part of a church planting team in the Czech Republic.

17 (Tues.) Central Asia

Join us in prayer for Alexander and Maria*. Pray for wisdom for Alexander* in his role as regional representative and also as he mentors those starting up their own businesses. Pray for Maria* as she teaches and for the boys in school and in relationships. 

18 (Wed.) U.S. 

Pray for the team of interns of Hub 450 as they work hard to get the Neighbors Café up and running sometime this spring.

19 (Thurs.) Global

Please pray for the team of LMC international partner delegates as they gather this month for training and resourcing on relevant cross-cultural relations.

20 (Fri.) Southeast Asia

Pray for a childcare/home school worker to serve alongside a family that is serving long-term with EMM.

21 (Sat.) U.S.

Pray for Deb Muenstermann as she coordinates the community center, which is located on the first floor of Hub 450. This hospitality center is a place of connection across cultures.

22 (Sun.) West Africa

Pray for individuals and families to be called to the work of leadership development and church planting in West Africa.

23 (Mon.) Central Asia

Pray for Elizabeth* as she develops new friendships that God would bring “Barnabas”-quality friends for her. Pray also as she learns to pray strategically for the country where she is ministering. 

24 (Tues.) Thailand

Pray that Isaan believers will live out their decision to follow Christ in holistic ways that speak to the Thai Isaan worldview. 

25 (Wed.) Wales, U.K.

Continue to pray for Alan and Carol Wert as they co-host a small group and for the deepening of relationships in the group. Pray for wisdom for Carol as she teaches English to students who have experienced deep trauma. Pray for their adult children as they navigate jobs and college.  

26 (Thurs.) Global

Pray for our supporters to seek God for their roles in his mission as part of their reflections and prioritization for the new year.

27 (Fri.) Honduras

Pray for Austin and Griselda Zuercher as they have said goodbye to friends and ministry in Costa Rica and are transitioning into their new life and ministry in Honduras. Austin will be the VidaNet base leader, and Griselda will be the director of El Nido, a program reaching out to mothers. 

28 (Sat.) France

Pray for workers to join a developing team in Marseilles, France, to establish a witness and to reach out to the many immigrants in this city.

29 (Sun.) U.S. 

Pray for the staff of Hub 450 as they begin a new season of programs. Ask God to fill them with compassion and connection with those they serve and for renewed inspiration and energy for their varied tasks.

30 (Mon.) Global

Pray that young people would sign up for exciting opportunities like Advance and Kingdom Teams Global, where they can experience overseas missions firsthand.  

31 (Tues.) West Africa

Pray for Nate and Krystle Thorne as they continue to prepare for their assignment and begin the support-raising process. Pray for their Ministry Support Team as they are oriented to their roles.

*Name(s) changed or last name(s) omitted for sensitivity reasons.